Love Island star reveals what happens when it rains at the villa

WhileLove Island viewers may be used to seeing what happens each and every day in the infamous villa, there’s plenty of things that happen on the ITV2 show that don't make their way onto our screens.

Fromhow the contestants do their laundry today-long napping sessions, recent contestants likeAmy Hart have taken to social media to reveal everything that happens that viewers aren’t given the chance to see.

And now Charlie Radnedge, who was dumped from the villa at the beginning of this month, has used his TikTok account to answer all the burning questions from his followers.

Though Love Island’s remote Mallorca location may be synonymous with sunny skies and soaring temperatures, in one video the reality TV star was asked to explain “what happens when it rains in the villa”.

As a result, 28 year old Charlie revealed that contestants are told to leave the garden and move inside until the weather improves.

“When it rains in the villa, you all have to go inside and take a little break until things clear up again because you can’t film Love Island just in a bedroom, can you?” he said.

Following the Chelsea estate agent’s video, fans were quick to express their shock at the prospect of the villa experiencing any form of bad weather.

“Bro imagine it rains during an argument,” wrote one. “Imagine davide n ekin arguing in the rain [three laughing emojis] I’d pay to watch that,” said another. “Omg I didn’t think it rained there,” someone else added.

In another video, fellow former contestantAmy Hart revealed what happens if contestants want to shave during their time in the villa.

Appearing in a TikTok video, the TV personality explained how razors are classed as “weapons” and must be requested by contestants when they want to shave.

“Obviously the showers have got the frosted panels across the middle because you just had to shave in there, obviously you couldn’t wait to have a wax,” she said.

However, the Love Island star revealed that she “actually prefers” to shave her legs as opposed to waxing, though it seems as if getting access to a razor could sometimes be difficult while on the show.

“Also, because razors are classed as ‘weapons’, you weren’t allowed them in your bag. You had to go and ask for them, they got taken off you before you went in and then you’d have to ask for them back,” she explained.


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