Love Island star reveals unique way girls tackle their bikini lines in the villa

When it comes toLove Island, life in the villa means that the contestants never know how long to prepare to stay for. While some Islanders may make it all the way to the final, more unfortunate contestants only last a couple of daysthanks to shock recouplings and dumplings.

As a result, knowing what to pack, or what beauty treatments to have prior to the show, is a difficult thing to judge andpast Islanders have given fans a glimpse behind the scenes when it comes to the villa’s beauty secrets.

And now, former contestant Francesca Allen, who appeared on season five of the show, has opened up about how the female contestants tackle their bikini lines given that they’re unable to head to the salon for a wax or treatment.

“So you had to shave all the time because you couldn’t go and get a wax,” she toldBuzzfeed UK. As a result, she added that contestants took things into their own hands when it came to checking each other.

“Me and Joanna used to be like: ‘Can you check? Have I shaved properly’,” she added. “It was actually a bit traumatic. You could be shaving and someone could walk into the bathroom.”

Elsewhere, 2018 contestant Rosie Williams has previously opened up to OK! about getting Love Island ready,admitting that she spent thousands of pounds prepping before entering the show.

However, unlike Francesa, Rosie says that she bought a laser hair machine so that she didn’t have to do any upkeep while on the show – though other girls weren’t as prepared.

“I bought a portable laser hair removal machine, which is strange because I’d never thought about laser hair removal before,” she said.

“I ended up using it every day in the run up because I was so keen to not need to shave while in the villa. Luckily it worked and while other girls in the villa were struggling with shaving rashes, I didn’t have any worries.”

Meanwhile, the TV personality also ensured to get some beauty treatments in the diary right before heading into the villa to ensure that she was camera ready at all times.

“I spent the time I had left getting pre-bonded hair extensions, having semi-permanent eyelashes applied and getting my nails done,” she explained.

“I must’ve spent up to £2,000 getting ready for Love Island. My hair extensions were £500 alone, so that was where most of the money went.”

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