Light Cognitive Designs LED Skylights to Mimic the Sky

Finland’s Light Cognitive has developed virtual LED windows that accurately mimic the sky. Called Skylight, the device is designed to deliver the benefits of natural light to windowless spaces.

The Skylight seamlessly changes color throughout the day to reflect outdoor lighting, from soft orange and red sunset hues to clear blue tones to muted shades of dusk. Instead of installing a generic pattern that cycles through the tones, the virtual window has been programmed to match the actual lighting conditions of the sky on a particular day. The gradual changes are dictated by a machine learning algorithm that controls groups of tiny LED modules that blend multiple hues together to get as close to the shade of natural light as possible. A diffusor placed underneath the LEDs reduces shadows and glares. Furthermore, the Skylight casts blue light during the day, gradually phasing it out as evening approaches to help regulate circadian rhythms.

Head over to Light Cognitive’s website for more information and scroll through the images above for a look at the LED skylights.

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