Lidl launches 10 new gins including a seaweed and ocean flavour

LIDL has launched 10 new gins in time for summer including a bizarre seaweed and ocean flavoured one.

The new range is part of the supermarket's British Gin Festival and prices start at £9.99 and go up to £24.99.

The Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin has been made with seaweed from the Scottish coastline and is the most expensive option in the range.

It's pretty strong too as it contains 46 per cent alcohol (ABV), while standard gins are typically made with 40 per cent ABV.

Posh boutique brand Da Mhile specialises in seaweed gin but a 700ml bottle costs £34.

That means you'll be saving a tenner on the same size bottle of a similar spirit from Lidl.

The cheapest bottle of gin in the line up is actually a non-alcoholic one that costs £9.99.

The CeroCero non-alcoholic citrus gin is a good option if you're driving but still fancy sipping on summery tipple.

You can save around £12 on this bottle of alcohol-free spirit – a 700ml of Seedlip Spice 94 non-alcoholic spirit will set you back £22 from Tesco.

Other flavours in the range include the Harborough watermelon gin, which costs £19.99 for a 700ml bottle.

New gins at Lidl this week

THESE are the new gins at Lidl:

  • CeroCero Non-Alcoholic Citrus Gin (70cl) 0%, £9.99, Scotland
  • Bloom Strawberry Cup Gin Liqueur (70cl) 25%, £15.99, England
  • Club Tropicana Gin (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England
  • Harborough Watermelon Gin (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England
  • Gin 77 (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England
  • Tyke’s Rose Gin (70cl) 40%, £21.99, England
  • Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (70cl) 41.3%, £21.99, Wales
  • City of London Six Bells Lemon Gin (70cl) 41.3%, £21.99, England
  • Valencian Orange Gin (70cl) 46%, £22.99, England
  • Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin (70cl) 49%, £24.99, Scotland

There's even a Club Tropicana gin that costs £19.99 that is best served with a slice of mango, rather than lemon, according to the discounter.

The gins land in stores from today and will only be around for as long as stocks last, so you might not want to hang around.

Lidl doesn't offer an online deliveries so you'll need to head to your nearest store if you want to get your hands on them.

You can find yours here but you must make sure that you stick to the social distancing rules.

Shoppers can find out about them here.

Aldi also has a new gin range with seven different flavours, including lemon sherbert, rhubarb and custard and strawberry marshmallow.

Master of Malt is now selling a bottle of Jaffa Cake flavoured gin – but it costs £27.95 a bottle.

Gordon's has also released a new Mediterranean Orange flavoured tipple.

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