Lexy Panterra Claims You Don't Have to Get Naked to Make Money on OnlyFans (Exclusive)

We don’t have to take our clothes off, to make some good coin.

You don’t have to get naked to make money on OnlyFans — just ask Lexy Panterra.

The twerk queen uses the subscription platform to release music rather than any clasps on her clothing, and advised all the other celebs joining to follow her and do the same.

“Honestly, you make more money when you don’t go naked — so there’s that,” she said while out at the Saddle Ranch in LA earlier this month.

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“I made all the money already, but I’m really thankful for the platform and I have my music videos on there,” she said.  “I release them. I’m the first actual artist to release a music video on there.”

To others like Jordyn Woods debuting on the platform: “Advice is to follow me, and do what I do baby,” she divulged. “I’m always the OG. I’m always the trendsetter.”

One of the reasons to follow Lexy and her music is to get the inside scoop on her love life, she disclosed.

“All of the guys I date, they’re all in the records!” she smiled, hinting that an upcoming song might contain a clue about who she currently has her sights set on.

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“I think I have a crush on somebody… but I’ll let you know later,” she giggled.

According to Lexy, all musicians looking to get their music out there should be on OnlyFans.

“That’s why I was on five months ago,” she said. “Like, every single musician who’s doing their thing needs to monetize their content, and I think OnlyFans is a great platform. I got on early. I got lucky. I knew it.”

Fellow singer/songwriter Austin Mahone is one of the most recent to follow her onto the platform… not that Lexy took any notice.

“To be honest, I don’t really know who Austin Mahone is,” was her parting shot.

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