Lala Kent and Tom Schwartz Get Into Vicious Fight on Vanderpump Rules : 'F—ing Loser,' 'Bootleg Housewife'

"You are the personification of a sponsored post," Schwartz flung at Kent — who called him the "epitome of a f—ing loser" during the nasty spat.

Things got pretty brutal between Lala Kent and Tom Schwartz on tonight’s explosive episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

While most of the new hour focused on the fallout from Ally Lewber revealing she saw Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss spending time together without Ariana Madix — which you can read about in full here — there were plenty of fireworks to go around, as Kent and Schwartz got into it, hard, following a beach day with the whole cast.

Tensions have been brewing between the pair all season, with Lala making it clear from the premiere that she was upset with Schwartz for remaining friends with her ex, Randall Emmett, as well as his flirtations with Raquel, which she felt were disrespectful toward her bestie and his ex Katie Maloney.

On Wednesday’s episode, their verbal attacks on one another began after Schwartz first got into it with James Kennedy, sparked by a stupid joke Tom made about “Rachella,” the Coachella-themed party James threw where he also proposed to Raquel. As Kennedy and Schwartz were trying to hash things out, Lala walked right into the hornet’s nest and started talking about her own issues with Tom.

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“You need a f—ing fist in your face, bro, 100%,” she said to him. “I think talking to you is like talking to a farm animal.”

“I have a lot of feelings towards Schwartz. I resent him for hanging out with Randall Emmett, kissing Raquel when Katie made it quite clear that would affect her. I see right through his little, ‘I’m a Bassett hound, I’m nervous, fingers in my mouth, can’t talk [persona],” she added in a confessional, “F— you, dude.”

After her insult, Schwartz threw one right back — shouting, “Lala, you are the personification of a sponsored post. You are the corniest human being in this entire place. Give Them Lala [referring to her podcast]? Who the f— is Lala? I am 1000x the human being you will ever be!”

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“Go get some more Botox or plastic surgery, you don’t know who you are!” he yelled, before storming away. Kent didn’t let him off the hook that easily, however, and chased after him.

“Let me break something down for you real f—ing quick,” she said as she caught up to him from behind. “Call me when you have a business. You’re broke, you’re a f—ing loser. You’re 40 years old, look at yourself, you’re a f—ing slob,” she continued, “You’re the epitome of a f—ing loser!”

He then proceeded to call her corny, angry and bitter, before saying she was “a bootleg Housewife” and making a disparaging comment about her lips.

“Come up with another name. You want to call me all these names? The s— I’ve been through in one year, it would put you in your f—ing grave,” she hit back. “Don’t you dare come for my business. That s— pays for my daughter every single f—ing day.”

As she then walked away, he told her she was a “great mom” — though he didn’t seem too sincere about that one.

The fiery exchange ended on that note, with no resolution, though Lala commented on how “chaotic” the day had been as a whole, following numerous outbursts between the cast members both at the beach earlier and at the bar.

The drama continues next week as new episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” air Wednesdays on Bravo.

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