Kristen Bell's Daughter Confronted Doctor In Hilarious Way Before Colonoscopy

"Are you the doctor who's going up my mom's butt?"

Kristen Bell’s daughter Lincoln asked her doctor some tough questions before her routine colonoscopy.

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Good Place” actress, who shares Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 7, with her husband Dax Shepard, revealed that her eldest daughter had a few hilarious questions for her surgeon before her elective procedure.

“She was sitting there, and we were getting the paperwork or whatever,” the 41-year-old shared with Kimmel. “And she looks up at my doctor with this sly look—because you can only see your eyes through the mask—and she said, ‘Are you the doctor who’s going up my mom’s butt?'”

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The doctor confirmed Lincoln’s question and asked if he should look for anything particular “when I’m up there” to which the 8-year-old hilariously stated, “The rubber nut.”

Bell elaborated that “the rubber nut” is a reference to a phrase Kristen and Dax use whenever they can’t find a misplaced item.

“We say ‘up your butt with a rubber nut’ in our household if you’re missing something,” she laughed. “It’s a thing in our household, if you’re like… where are my shoes? ‘Up your butt with a rubber nut!'”

Even though the actress expressed a little embarrassment to her daughter’s unexpected questions, she confirmed that she had “scored an A plus” during her procedure.

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“That’s what she said to the doctor, and it was great,” Kristen told the audience, “But the procedure went very well, it went really great.”

Although the colonoscopy had gone well, Bell also shared that she had made the nursing staff a few unintentional promises while she was under anesthesia.

“I told the whole nursing staff that I was gonna teach them how to play spades,” she said. “Because we’ve played spades for like two years straight, so that’s all I think about, apparently even when I’m under anesthesia.”

Kimmel asked Bell if she had the intention of keeping her promise to the hospital staff, she wasn’t opposed to following through with her word.

She laughed as she shrugged her shoulders, “I might, I don’t know.”

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