King Charles is ‘deeply emotional’ in speech

King Charles III addresses nation for first time

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There were tears from members of the audience at the intimate service at St Paul’s Cathedral this evening as the nation mourned Queen Elizabeth II. Her son gave a televised speech for the first time as King, expressing his sorrow that his mother had died, before promising the British public that he will do his best to “serve” them for the years to come.

In his speech, Charles also referred to his children, Prince William and Prince Harry, announcing the new titles William will inherit.

The Duke of Cambridge will now be known as the Prince of Wales, first and foremost, as well as the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge. His wife, Catherine, will be known as the Princess of Wales.

Charles expressed his “love” for Harry and Meghan, and wished them well as they continue “to build” their lives abroad.

According to a body language expert, Charles was “openly emotional” as he spoke these words to the nation, while he sat at a small desk in a large room inside Buckingham Palace.

Judi James said: “Charles revealed himself as an openly emotional and empathetic new King in this address.

“He only briefly touched on his approach to his new role between verbal and visual displays of love, pride and grief that seemed to threaten to prevent him from getting through his speech without actually shedding tears.

“This was a new, sharing Charles who seemed happy to talk about his love for his ‘darling wife’, his pride in William and Catherine and – deeply emotionally charged – his love of Harry and Meghan.

“It was this last reference that caused a long, reflective pause of what looked like regret, with his eyes dropping and the hint of a sigh.”

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Charles also referred to the reason why he is now King: the death of his beloved mother.

Judi continued: “Charles opened up with a very personal message direct to his ‘darling Mama’.

“Speaking of a flight of angels singing to her, he made another pause and looked to the side as his eyes appeared to dampen.

“His brows were pulled together but not in their usual steepled position, and his features looked reddened and softened, with a couple of asymmetric fond smiles, but not of the usual rigidity and horizonal pulling of the lips.”

Charles’ speech was televised during the commemorative service held for Queen Elizabeth II at St Paul’s Cathedral this evening.

Members of the audience looked emotional as they listened to the King’s address and, later, sang the national anthem.

At the end of the memorial service, “God Save the King” was sung for the first time in decades.

The English anthem has been updated to include “King” instead of “Queen”, in reference to Charles’ new position.

But the anthem won’t be the only British symbol to change now that Charles is King.

Charles’ portrait will replace his mother’s on banknotes, coins, and stamps over the coming months.

Royal Mail post boxes, currently engraved with the cypher “ERII”, will feature Charles’ royal cypher, CRIII.

Even the familiar royal coat of arms might change. Currently featuring a lion and a unicorn, Charles may want to add a symbol to represent Wales, such as a dragon.

The lion represents England, while the unicorn pays tribute to Scotland.

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