King Charles’ face will now appear on new coins with a different pose

King Charles: GB News discuss replacing currency

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King Charles III became monarch on September 8 when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died at the age of 96. Now Charles is King, his face and effigy will begin to appear on British coins entering circulation.

The Royal Mint has confirmed that coins bearing the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III will enter circulation

The official maker of UK coins has confirmed that coins featuring the portrait of His Majesty King Charles III will enter circulation in Britain, replacing those of Queen Elizabeth II, which have been in circulation since 1952.

However, all UK coins that bear the effigy of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will remain legal tender and in active circulation.

Historically it has been commonplace for coins featuring the effigies of different monarchs to co-circulate.

This ensures a smooth transition, with minimal environmental impact and cost.

Anne Jessopp, the Chief Executive Officer of The Royal Mint told “We are honoured to have struck each UK coin of Her Late Majesty’s reign, documenting her journey from young Queen to respected Head of State.

“As official coin makers to the UK, we have told the story of each monarch since Alfred the Great and are now preparing for the biggest change in British coinage for several decades.

“The first coins bearing the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III will enter circulation in line with demand from banks and post offices.

“This means the coinage of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II will co-circulate in the UK for many years to come.”

There are approximately 27 billion coins currently circulating in the UK bearing the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

These will be replaced over time as they become damaged or worn, and to meet the demand for additional coins. 

The Royal Mint will unveil further details about the coinage of King Charles III over the coming weeks.

What will the new coins look like?

The design of King Charles III’s coins has not been released yet, but his portrait will likely follow a long-held coinage tradition which will make them very different to the Queen’s coins.

Leading coin seller and currency experts Britannia Coin Company said: “Assuming Charles III follows precedent he will face left on his coinage, the opposite way to his mother.

“This practice has been followed in Britain since the 17th Century.

“Controversially, Edward VIII planned to break this tradition (he reportedly preferred his left side).

“It seems unlikely that Charles would want to rock the boat in this way.”

A new coinage portrait of Charles will likely be unveiled now he is King, a different one from those used for previous commemorative coins issued when he was Prince of Wales.

The Chancellor will have to approve coinage portraits, but the new King will get the final sign-off.

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