King Charles Coronation: Harry Takes His Place At Father’s Ceremony In London

The Duke of Sussex has attended the Coronation of his father, King Charles III, in London on Saturday.

Prince Harry took his seat in the Abbey next to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank in the third row of the congregation. He sat behind the King’s sister, the Princess Royal and her husband, Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

In contrast to his elder brother William, who kneeled in allegiance to their father, Harry was not expected to play any official part in the ceremonial part of the service, nor appear in the official procession nor on the Royal Balcony at Buckingham Palace following the coronation service at Westminster Abbey.

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Harry’s appearance at his father’s coronation follows intense speculation about what role – or lack thereof – the prince would play in proceedings. He only confirmed his attendance a fortnight ago, and was there without his wife Meghan, who opted to stay in California with their two children.

One of the factors reported to be significant in Harry’s decision was his concern over security during his stay in the UK. He is currently suing the Home Office there for withdrawing security following his decision to move overseas.

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