Karlie Kloss Taylor Swift Friendship Update, Still Friends, Feud Rumors

It wasn’t that long ago that Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were inseparable besties, but now, the model is getting real about the status of their friendship in Vogue‘s 73 Questions series.

After sending Swifties into an absolute frenzy over the last year or so regarding whether or not they’re still BFFs, the Victoria’s Secret model has officially confirmed that that the two are still super close. Don’t believe us? Go to the 0:43 mark of the video below and see for yourself!

When the interviewer asks if everything is cool between her and Tay, the 26-year-old states that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Plus, she even gave a special shoutout to Jennifer Lawrence, who expressed a lot of concern about the status of Kaylor’s friendship during a Q&A she did back in February.

Karlie said, “The world needs to know? Well, Jennifer Lawrence was interested. Jen, don’t worry, Taylor and I are still really good friends.”

It wasn’t just Jen who was worried, though. Over the last couple of years, it really appeared that the once-inseparable besties were drifting apart. The theory that Kaylor had a falling out was only made more convincing by the fact that T.Swift appeared to snub Klossy in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

Then, in January, Karlie shared a video of herself dribbling a basketball for a photo shoot, which was originally captioned, “Swish Swish.” Normally, we wouldn’t think twice about something like that, but considering “Swish Swish” is the title of Katy Perry‘s hit song and that Katy was Taylor’s nemesis, we have to admit that it seemed like shade.

The signs that the two were feuding didn’t end there, though. To make matters even worse, KK was spotted on a sushi outing with KP, and she even conveniently left Tay off of her best friends list in an interview with Porter this past April.

It’s not all bad news, though! Despite all of the signs that Karlie was no longer an active member of Taylor’s squad, the two officially squashed the rumors when Karlie attended the “I Did Something Bad” crooner’s Reputation tour back in August. Following the show, the model posted an adorable selfie of the two on Instagram, captioned, “No one puts on a show like Taylor Swift. #ReputationTour Nashville was out of this world, I am SO proud of you.”

And there you have it, folks; a Kaylor friendship update that’ll warm your cold heart right up!

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