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‘Jersey Shore’ Sneak Peek: Vinny & Angelina Get Flirty During Wild Condiment Fight

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek from ‘Jersey Shore,’ the flirtation between Vinny and Angelina is at an all-time high as they indulge in a condiment fight for the ages. Watch here!

Angelina Pivarnick is back with the Jersey Shore crew in Seaside on the Oct. 11 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and it doesn’t take long for her sexual tension with Vinny Guadagnino to come out! Vinny and Angelina are both from Staten Island, and they hooked up during the very first season of Jersey Shore. This time around, Vinny has been insistent that he isn’t attracted to Angelina, who’s engaged, but this EXCLUSIVE preview from this week’s episode sure shows them getting a bit flirty!

In the clip, Angelina and Vinny take things back to elementary school level with a condiment fight, chasing each other around the house with bottles of ketchup and mustard. “I feel like this is a Staten Island mating ritual,” Jenni “JWoww” Farley” jokes. “Because it’s low-key fighting, but there’s some sexualness.” After the cast wrapped up filming in Seaside, there were rumors of a hookup between Vinny and Angelina, and even Vinny’s best friend, Pauly D, said he was convinced something went down.

“I believe it,” Pauly told OK Magazine in September. “I don’t know…I believe it. She’s engaged, though, so if they did, that’s a problem for her.” Angelina denied the hookup rumors, but clearly the storyline between her and Vinny is going to be prevalent in this week’s episode!

Meanwhile, one person who will be missing from the Seaside house is Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. The trip took place right around the time his on-again girlfriend, Jen Harley, was arrested after running him over with a car! Obviously, due to his personal issues, Ronnie made the decision not to attend the Jersey vacation.

The full episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Oct. 11 at 8:00 p.m on MTV.

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