Jack Whitehall shares glimpse inside his lavish family home as he hosts The Brit Awards for fourth year

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Jack Whitehall is the host of this year's The Brit Awards but when the show finishes he will be heading back to his swish pad in Notting Hill.

The comedian, who has hosted the popular music awards since 2018, has made a name for himself using his privileged background as bountiful source for jokes and humorous tales. He has even made a TV show in which he travels the world with his very posh dad, talent agent Michael Whitehall, aptly called ‘Travels With My Father’.

Jack grew up in Putney, south London, in a very swanky home alongside his two siblings; older sister Molly Louise Anushka and his younger brother Barnaby William Frances.

Speaking in an interview with the Evening Standard the star explained that: “My dad used to make us tell everyone we lived in Barnes because he thought it sounded classier.”

Nevertheless, Jack recently shared a peak inside the home he grew up in and it is much classier than you could ever imagine, even if it isn’t in Barnes.

The living room is absolutely massive, with floor to ceiling bookcases spanning the length of the palatial-looking space. Aside from a vast array of literature the shelves hold many family photographs.

Because the snap was shared just after Christmas, we can also see that the popular showbiz family received many seasonal cards.

At the other end of the room we can make out a large wooden dining table complete with a bespectacled sculpture sat at the head of the table. While we cannot be sure of the provenance of the artwork it does bear a striking resemblance to Jack’s father Michael…

Jack has also shared a snap wearing matching pyjamas with his dad and has also given a glimpse into one of the bedrooms.

We can see a TV mounted on the wall along with a lemon sofa at the end of the huge double bed which features a patterned throw in the same hue.

There is also a circular golden mirror which matches the gold on the glass doors – could this house get anymore lavish? There is framed artwork adorning the walls and figurative classical-inspired sculpture; two bronzes of the male form and a marble female nude. Not to mention the marble fireplace!

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The room is as quirky as it is classic, with its cream walls and a wooden floor acting as a rather conservative setting for a stuffed parrot in a bell jar. But hey, it makes sense when considering it is the house Jack grew up in.

The star uploaded the picture in which he is sitting on a lime green sofa holding one present next to his dog who has a gigantic pile of gifts. He captioned the snap: “I know my place in this household. Me < Filomena.”

Still, what a household to have a place in!

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