Issa Rae of 'Little' on 14-year-old Marsai Martin being film's executive producer: 'I look at her and I'm inspired'

With less than two weeks until the release of their highly-anticipated film, “Little,” Issa Rae and Marsai Martin stopped by “GMA” Monday to talk about the hilarious yet empowering comedy.

The movie centers around Regina Hall’s character Jordan Sanders, who suddenly finds herself as a 14-year-old again and now has to figure out who she is while also running her company in the process.

“Black-ish” star Martin plays the younger Jordan. But she also has another role in the film — executive producer.

Martin said having such a powerful role at just 14 years old is fun but she’s “still keeping myself grounded and being humble.”

Her co-star Rae wasn’t so humble about Martin’s incredible accomplishment: being the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history.

“I look at her and I’m inspired,” Rae said. “I think about how she’s going to inspire so many people,” including other young women.

“She went out there and did it,” Rae said about her young co-star. “She’s showing other people you can do it if you try.”

Since the film is about going back in time, Martin was asked if there was an age she would like to experience now. Considering her incomparable accomplishments at such a young age already, she said she’s fine at 14 and “not rushing” through her life anytime soon.

“This is fun, I’m good right now,” she said.

“Little” is out in theaters on April 12.

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