Is Carlton v Collingwood still a big rivalry?

There have been some famous moments between Carlton and Collingwood throughout the years, and some bad blood.

But these days, you can easily make the case against it being one of the game's biggest rivalries.

This week on The Age Real Footy Podcast, Michael Gleeson, Greg Baum, Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson argue that the distance on the ladder between the two teams makes it hard to keep the rivalry alive – but can 20 years of recent history undo the 100 or so years that came before it? And how much do the fans and club officials come into it?

Meanwhile, Essendon have a goalscoring problem that was exposed against the Cats, and relying on the "impossible goal" is not sustainable.

And Dylan Shiel's kicking problem, noticeable since his move to the Dons, is actually a longer-term issue.

The panel also looks at the Cats and their supporters' frustration – and how coach Chris Scott has moved the team past those complaints – and the team's cheaper, "moneyball" players who are helping them succeed.

Also this week, the Demons and their win against Hawthorn. Can they make the eight?

Was Alastair Clarkson right when he said they and the Hawks were just two middle-of-the road teams? And is that the sort of thing we want to hear from coaches?

Plus, whispers about a television faux pas, Sam Weideman's social media move and much, much more.

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