Interior Designers Create Minimalist Homes For Iconic Disney Characters

Many people are downsizing in an attempt to help save the planet, but what would it look like if our favorite Disney characters did the same?

Our planet is struggling to keep up with the life society has carved out for itself and we have hopefully almost reached a point where everyone realizes that. More and more people are doing whatever they can to try and reverse the damage already done, or at least stop any more damage from being done.

That can include acts such as giving up meat and dairy, trying to use less plastic, and perhaps even downsizing altogether. The realization that we don’t need to rattle around massive houses by ourselves is dawning on a lot of people, and those people are shifting to a minimalist lifestyle. Small can be as efficient and beautiful as where you live now, and a group of interior designers has demonstrated that in the best way.

Angie’s List and NeoMam Studios collaborated to imagine what some of your favorite Disney characters’ homes might look like if they were to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. The project shows off the interior and exterior of six different houses, each of which a well-loved animated character calls home. What’s amazing is you can really see how each home captures the essence of its character.

Frozen‘s Elsa trades her gargantuan ice palace in for a quaint cabin in the snowy woods nearby. The interior walls are decked with bookshelves and it looks like the very definition of cozy. However, our favorite of the six is the reimagined home of Jack Skellington. Also in the woods, the creepy looking cabin is a big improvement on the house Jack inhabits in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The project was inspired by Lester Walker’s book Tiny Houses. The aim is for each home to be no bigger than 300 square feet in an attempt to cut down on costs and emissions. It isn’t the first time Angie’s List has spearheaded an inventive project like this one. In 2019, it also revamped the home of The Simpsons, giving it a long-overdue renovation. To check out all of the six minimalist Disney homes, head to the Angie’s List website.

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