Inside life of ‘good Christian’ teacher who transformed into bisexual babe

After feeling under-appreciated in her teaching job, Courtney Tillia's husband suggested an alternative – and much saucier – career path.

Courtney started privately selling X-rated photos and videos before becoming a successful OnlyFans star, which sees her earn 12 times her previous salary.

But it's not just the financial rewards she enjoys – the 36-year-old has said her new job makes her feel empowered and also helped her realise she was bisexual.

Growing up in a religious household, Courtney said she was conditioned to be a “good Christian girl” which she said ultimately restricted her.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “Through OnlyFans and many conversations with my husband, I’ve realised how much I love pleasure, expressing myself in front of others, and being all of me.

“I also discovered I am certainly bisexual.

“I love the presence and masculine qualities of a man like my husband but I’m also so attracted to the sweet, soft, and open energy of women.

“Acknowledging that feels full and whole, like I get to have the best of everything.”

She admits she was unhappy in her former career, which had impacted on her family life and her relationship with Nick.

"During my sixth year as a teacher, I became very depressed, anxious, and even resentful. My unhappiness was impacting my work, but also my marriage and how I was able to show up as a mother," she said.

The hectic schedule also started taking a toll on her mental health – so she started working in a gym instead. She then started life coaching and was encouraged by Nick to take up modelling.

Her husband Nick had urged her to pursue her passion, and even showed her how to pose after she left her six-year career teaching autistic kids.

"Around the time that OnlyFans began, I was growing increasingly frustrated with the censorship of Female Expression and sexuality on social media platforms," she said.

"With the encouragement of my husband, I started an OnlyFans so that I had a platform to fully express myself without having to worry about Instagram’s inconsistent and ever-changing rules I really had no idea how profitable it could or would become!"

Courtney and Nick share two sons and she is also a stepmom to two of her husband's daughters from a previous relationship.

The brunette beauty from LA, who has a masters degree, now rakes in between $20,000 (£14,500) and $100,000 (£72,900) every month from her 18,000 loyal subscribers.

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