I’m midsize – my clever tie hack means you’ll never have your bra showing under an outfit again | The Sun

YOU don't want your bra peaking from underneath your outfit unless it's an intentional style choice – which often isn't the case.

Midsize fashion enthusiast Shayna Moretti has shared how to combat this issue and look stylish while doing it.

In a social media video, Moretti took one side of a white tie-front shirt and stuck it underneath her bra.

She then took the other side of the shirt and pulled it underneath her bra in the opposite direction.

She knotted the shirt in the front, and voila!

"Every single time, this is going to give you the perfect knot in the front. You're not going to be able to see your bra," she concluded.

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If you're looking for more bra hacks, a fashion expert previously shared her hack that will turn any bra into a halter neck top.

"For a halter top, you need one strap," she said. "Make sure it is fully extended."

The fashionista wore a black strapless bra with hooks on each side.

"Wrap [the strap] around and hook it [on]," she explained.

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"If your bra strap isn't long enough, you can also use a shoelace," she said.

"This will feed through the little clasp area, knot it, and you can extend it."

She added: "Or you can take two of the straps and then just tie them behind your neck."

She demonstrated the hack with a wrap top, showcasing the strapless back.

"It's not digging in or uncomfortable," she concluded.

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