I'm having to pay thousands for repairs because influencers keep taking SELFIES on my doorstep to post on Instagram | The Sun

A GRANDAD under siege from hordes of scantily clad models and Instagram influencers who take pictures at his home says the posers have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Dozens of vain types flock to Peter Lee's bright pink property everyday to do anything from the splits to rubbing their semi-naked bodies up against his front door.

The former fashion manager has lived in his pink paradise for 43 years.

He's concerned about the whopping £2,500 bill he's been quoted to replace tiles on his steps that have been cracked during the photoshoots outside his house.

The grandad, from Notting Hill, London, told The Sun: "I've had whole families from the top step down to the bottom step all posing and the photographers stand on the other side of the road.

"When they leave, another lot are queuing up waiting for their photos!


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"There was a girl standing here once, I came out of my front door and she just stood back as if to let me pass!"

Influencers have also chipped a load of paint off his smart wrought iron railings from when they clamber over it pulling all manner of poses.

Peter's CCTV and Ring Doorbell cameras catch the chancers in their act – and he admits the footage has sometimes been more than revealing.

In one standout incident caught on camera, a woman in a tiny leotard fondles herself and sticks her bum out for a seedy photoshoot on the grandad's steps.

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Meanwhile another video catches a blonde woman throwing her hair back and thrusting her chest out in a dramatic Titanic-esque pose right outside poor Peter's door.

Both photoshoots were taken in broad daylight.

Discussing the behaviour, he says: “I don’t mind. It amuses me to watch them.

“Sometimes it is very entertaining.”

Other photos seen by The Sun show a woman doing a bonkers backwards yoga move and one group even setting up a tent to change outfits in for each photo.

When The Sun visited, one person attempted a cheeky snap of the pink property – before scarpering when approached.


But Peter, who was influential in bringing mini skirts into the country in the 1960's, admits there have been moments when he said enough was enough

He explained: "I did stop a group of girls who were all in high heels because there were obviously too many of them – told them the steps are getting damaged.

"They moved on."

The damage is made worse by the fact the tiles on his steps are not made anymore, so he has to shell out huge sums to get them made.

Discussing the damage, which has been getting worse year-on-year, Peter admits there is very little he can do.

The former fashion manager blames the scourge of smartphones for the carnage which has beset his London home where he lives alone.

Asked if he has ever been tempted to pull a prank on the selfie-obsessed mobs to keep them from further damage, he says no.

He's also not concerned about security, saying he feels safe with the number of of cameras he has watching over the home.

His pink house has attracted big names, too, with a film crew from Channel 4's Made in Chelsea even trying their luck to snap his home.

But rude producers told him to go away when he got his own camera out and started filming former star of the show Binky Felstead strutting her stuff.

"They objected to ME taking a photograph, I told them: 'hang on, this is my house!'", he added.

A quick search on Instagram shows his home, unbeknownst to him, feature on a major architecture page – it garnered over 47,000 likes.

Peter, who has three children and four grandkids who he sees regularly, has no plans on changing the colour of his home.

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He said: "It was pink when I bought it, one of my friends suggested I paint it blue.

"But it's been known as the pink house for years so I think I'll keep it."

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