I’m a teen mum and I’m sick of the stereotypes – I’ve got seven kids now but trolls STILL presume I’m unfit

A young woman who has seven kids has told how she's sick of trolls making assumptions about her just because she's a teen mum.

Jess, who is from the US, posted a short video to TikTok alongside a caption which reads: "Where all my bonus parents at?"

The young mum, who has five biological children and is step mum to her boyfriend's two kids, goes on to list several cruel jibes she's received for being a step mum.

Along with being told she's "not their real mum," Jess is often reminded "those are your STEP KIDS not your kids" and "you don't have seven kids, you only have five."

In a second clip, Jess, who first fell pregnant aged 17, goes on to share common stereotypes associated with being a young mum.

These include the assumption that she wants to take advantage of government assistance and that her mum was also probably a teen mum.


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Jess notes that she's also asked whether she dropped out of school and whether her kids got taken away from her.

And it wasn't long before social media followers took to the comments section to comment on the negative remarks.

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"You should be proud of your self me as a mum of 7!" praised one.

A second commented: "When you are with someone who has kids, those are your kids also!

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My girls have an awesome step mum who treats them exactly like her biological son."

A third wrote: "These are literally questions I get anytime people hear I was 17 when I had my first, and yet when I say none of that applies to me I’m being stuck up."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "If you don’t see your bonus kids as your kids then you don’t belong dating a parent."

A further penned: "I was a teen mum. I finished school, bought a house, got married, and now am 24 with 2 kids and an amazing life! No stereotypes here."

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