‘I’m a full-time cam girl – it allows me to make a staggering wage’

A full-time cam girl revealed her staggering earnings that she makes from the racy job.

Nova Hawthorne, from Australia, spoke about her income in a viral TikTok video, which has really grabbed people's attention.

In the clip, the content creator showed her platform stats that revealed she made an eye-watering $103,377 (£83,000) in income from one platform alone this year, breaking it down as $194 (£157) per hour.

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The model, who has been streaming for three years, exclaimed: “I was very excited when I was making a hundred US dollars an hour and now I’m almost at $200. And that currency conversion really works in my favour."

Nova was doing her master’s degree in social work when she decided to pick up live streaming, and in just a short amount of time she’s seen major growth.

“I’ve been able to buy an apartment, a block of land and paid off all my student loans… all with no debt,” she said.

“I’m no Victoria’s Secret model… It’s not about what your body looks like."

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"It’s all about the relationships you’re making with your members. I take notes on every single person I interact with on the site so I can remember things and people really appreciate that personal touch.”

While the creator receives plenty of disdain for her career path, she hits back at her critics, saying: “I think the most important thing is that I’m investing in my future so I’ve got money when I’m done and don’t want to do this anymore.”

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