‘I would rather teen daughter went on OnlyFans like me rather than rely on men’

A woman slammed for returning to OnlyFans two weeks after giving birth says she’d prefer her teenage daughter to earn cash on the explicit site rather than relying on a man.

Carla Bellucci says she cringes when young women post snaps of lavish holidays when they were paid for by a sugar daddy.

The mum-of-four, who famously blagged a free nose job on the NHS by faking depression, made up to £20,000 a month on OnlyFans while pregnant.

And she now says she would have no problem with her daughters one day following her path.

Carla, who has a teenage girl called Tanisha, told the Daily Star: “I would rather my daughter be on OnlyFans than rely on a man.

“I feel it’s so sad that these young girls are trying to bag a rich man for an easy life and then posting all over social media about it.

“Social media is full of girls losing their self respect and worth for money – why can’t girls be independent?

“I would rather my kids support themselves than date some old man for a trip to Dubai and a bloody Chanel bag.”

Carla, 40, revealed last week that she was called a prostitute for returning to OnlyFans after giving birth to her daughter Blu in September.

But she hit back by saying it was her body and her choice and said “mumzillas” needed to find something better to do than judging her.

She believes people who blast women for being on OnlyFans are jealous and she explained why she wouldn’t be against her daughters joining one day.

She added: “I wouldn’t say to my girls ‘oh go and do it’ because I would rather them go and get a good education but as long as they are independent in life I will be happy.

“I would prefer my girls to make their own money whatever they choose to do in life and be self-efficient.

“I don’t want them to be like these young girls on Instagram posing in designer gear that some guy paid for.

"One thing about me is I have always made my own money.”

The mum, from Hitchin, Herts, almost died during a C-section from hell in September.

She lost three litres of blood and stopped breathing for two minutes and 45 minutes.

It took five blood transfusions to save her life and afterwards she said it gave her a new perspective on life.

Carla said: “With the nose job, I just think maybe I was a bit of a t**t to go through all that just to make a nose a bit stranger.

“I am really thankful to the NHS because they did save me and my baby’s life and I know that’s hypocritical coming from me.”

Carla saw a therapist after suffering from PTSD after the traumatic birth of her baby.

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