‘I weigh more than my husband but I don’t care – size isn’t everything’

A couple has taken to TikTok to prove that love has no size limit – as their weight difference doesn't bother them.

Shelby Tomalin, a body confident influencer, revealed that she weighs more and is taller than her husband – but none of that matters because they love each other.

Posting to her TikTok account @shelbysaywhatblog, Shelby shared a video which was captioned: "Reminder: It’s okay if you’re not smaller than your partner.”

She goes on to say that weighs more than her husband, wears a larger clothing size than him and is taller.

However, while some may believe that it should be the other way around, Shelby doesn't get down about their differences.

She claims that the “reasons we love each other have nothing to do with our appearance".

She also told her followers that “none of these things makes me less worthy of love. You’re worthy of love regardless of your size".

The video, which has more than 91,000 likes, has a comment section flooded with people sharing their experiences with feeling less worthy of love because of beauty standards.

One user wrote: "Yessss! I’m so sick of short men not feeling like enough and us tall women being made to feel self-conscious for something that is out of our control!”

Another added: "I was taller than my husband. When we 1st started dating and I was insecure about it – my aunt said ‘Honey – we’re all the same height horizontally!’”

A third commented: "I am plus size and 5'7 while my husband is skinny and 5'3, never been an issue to us and we have been together 11 years."

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A fourth fan shared how her parents were of different sizes but it didn't matter to them either.

They said: "My mum is taller than my dad and I'm so short that I cried in 3rd grade that I’d never find a guy shorter than me to marry— didn’t know why my mum laughed so much but she reminded me of all the others I knew where the wife was shorter and how either way was perfect. So true!”

Shelby currently has more than 136,000 followers and 1.5million likes on her TikTok account, where she regularly posts videos encouraging women to become more confident in whatever they want to wear, regardless of their size.

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