I make £70,000 per year in a job you'd never expect

I make £70,000 per year in a job you’d never expect – it’s easy to get into and there’s lots of perks

  • Kyra Henry documents her work as a nanny in London on social media 
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One woman has revealed how you can get a fun job that could earn you up to £70,000-a-year – while working as a nanny. 

Kyra Henry, from London, made a TikTok with her tips and tricks on how you can build up a career in childminding.

The influencer goes by @theyummynanny on social media and has thousands of views on videos as she documents her life in central London.

She takes care of twin toddlers, including trips to Harrods, walks around the park and a visit to the Dior Café in Selfridges.

Her luxurious job has even seen her go on holiday with the twins she cares for, taking sun-soaked photos at a luxurious resort.

Kyra Henry, from London, made a TikTok with her tips and tricks on how you can build up a career in nannying

Just earlier this month, Kyra was in Marrakesh while taking care of the babies.

In two clips from October, she shared her advice for anyone who’s curious about the surprisingly illustrious career.

‘The first thing you should do is gain experience with children obviously,’ she told followers in the first post, suggesting babysitting or working a nursery.’

Kyra did the latter, starting out with an apprenticeship in childcare. She was at the nursery for two years. 

‘Once I qualified I decided I didn’t wanna work there anymore,’ she added.

‘Pay was low, I felt overworked, underpaid… it was just a lot so I thought, “Let me go into nannying where it’s more flexible and you kind of plan your own day.

‘You’re your own boss basically and it’s less children. It’s more fun, you go out to fun places…”‘

In a follow-up video, the nanny recommended taking a look at childcare.co.uk.

‘It’s a really good website,’ she revealed. ‘Parents post on there… post for jobs before and after school roles and like full-time care, part time care…’

Kyra goes by @theyummynanny on social media and has thousands of views documenting her life in central London 

Kyra stressed that at the start, you will have to keep your rate low.

‘I would say don’t take anything less than £10 an hour, depending on your age obviously,’ she told followers.

‘But if it’s your first time having experience with children I would say start low and work your way up … that’s how you’re going to build your clientele.

‘If you start low, you’re going to be more in demand.’

She also recommended an app called Bubble. 

In September, Kyra made another TikTok with advice on ‘how to get a high paying nanny role in London up to 70k’.

The first three steps were to ‘get qualified, network and sign up to agencies’.

Next, she wrote to get ‘experience with multiple ages’ and encouraged viewers to make a portfolio – ‘eg on Instagram or TikTok’ and ‘take lots of pictures on the job’.

Kyra’s videos come after a professional live-in nanny has shared the six things she refuses to do as part of the job – and hundreds of other nannies agree with her list.

Braonain, 21, said that many employers can mistreat or ask too much of nannies so she has strict boundaries for the job.

The Utah nanny says she will never clean anybody’s mess other than the kids she watches, nor will she look after any of the kids’ friends or family members.

‘Don’t be salty I got a lot more on my list of things I won’t do,’ Braonain said when she uploaded the viral TikTok.

The number one thing she refuses to do is clean up the family’s general mess. 

‘I am not the housekeeper, I will only clean up after the kids and I, do the dishes, laundry and just pick up after ourselves,’ she explained.

However, she clarified that if she is just watching one baby she offers more as it’s a ‘little bit different’.

A major pet peeve for Braonain is when families do not allow her to take the kids out of the house.

‘I will not work for a family that do not let me take the kids out, I personally do not know how to entertain your kids in the house for 10 hours and the kids and I will lose our sanity,’ she said.

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