I had sex with girl I met online, 16, and she is now blackmailing me for money

I’m 19 and I work in a DIY superstore. It’s my first proper job and I love it. I’m still learning the ropes but getting on great.

Life was OK except for the fact I’ve never had a real girlfriend and never had sex. I’m very shy and went through my school life hardly speaking to girls.

So I went on this chat site and soon I was chatting to lots of girls. It was fun and it gave me the feeling I was a regular guy.

One girl was very keen. She swapped photos with me and she said I looked cute.

I chatted to her for a couple of weeks, then she wanted to meet.

We went for a drink and we got on quite well. She was dressed up all sexy. I asked her if I could kiss her and she said yes.

She told me she knew a place we could go. It was the back of some shop in the town and for some reason she had a key. At first we just kissed but then she took control. She started with oral and then we had sex.

If I’m honest it wasn’t that great. She then shocked the life out of me by saying that she’s just 16 and always charges for sex.

I said no way. But she threatened to go to the store where I work and tell all my colleagues about what I’d done.

I’d stupidly told her where I work when we were chatting online. It would be so embarrassing. I didn’t have money on me at the time so she said she would meet me again to have sex and I could then pay for both times.

We’ve now met twice more and I’ve paid her £200 — that’s £150 for the sex and £50 for not telling anyone. I’m so stressed and I don’t know what to do.


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DEIDRE SAYS: No wonder you are stressed and you certainly can’t let this carry on.

Tell this girl that blackmail is against the law while having sex with a consenting 16-year-old isn’t.

Block her on your phone and on social media.

But take screen shots of any messages she sent which make clear she’s blackmailing you. Then have nothing more to do with her.

I doubt she’ll talk to your colleagues. If she did I doubt they would much care.

You could live down any embarrassment. But to be on the safe side, have a check-up at a sexual health clinic, even if you have no symptoms.

When you next meet a girl, take things slowly and don’t rush to have sex.

If you are still worried, get in touch with The Mix (themix.org.uk, 0808 808 4994).

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