‘I got my first tattoo at 15 and now I’ll cover my entire body in husband’s art’

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A tattoo fan who got her first inkling as a child has revealed that she plans to cover her entire body in her husband’s designs.

Gg Montecarlo, who lives in Valencia, Spain, became obsessed with permanent inkings when she was a kid – and she’s made it her mission to cover her skin in images.

The self-styled “90s child” got her first tattoo at just 15-years-old and considers tattoos “a way of life” and plans to get more and more every year.

The 38-year-old told the Daily Star: “How time flies – I got my 1st tattoo when I was 15 years old, crazy!

“I got a tribal!! In the 90’s this style was so popular. We used to rocks with tribal tattoos.

“Since was a child tattoos for me were awesome and inspirational.

“I love them and I appreciate overall the art. Tattoos are a way of life…”

The beauty hasn’t spent a penny on her many designs which would have otherwise cost thousands because her husband is a tattoo artist.

Gg commented: “Fortunately my hubby did all my tattoos.

“I am a publicist, but actually I’m dedicated soul and mind in the tattoo world.

“I actually manage my hubby’s platform – @juansancheztattoo, he is specialized in fine black and grey art.”

Which is why the majority of Gg’s ink is without colour.

Her husband is her favourite artist, but she also likes the Aztec and religious creations of @chueyquintanar.

The Instagram influencer, who has 27,800 loyal fans @ggmontecarlo, has tattoos all over her back, bum, arms, legs, stomach, neck and even feet!

They include lifelike human figures, goddesses, fleur de lis, guns, feathers, angel wings, religious symbols, wording and intricate patterns.

She explained: “Only two areas not covered already (belly and biceps).

“I’m thinking I’ll get another beautiful piece soon. Probably more religious art… maybe some cherubs with buildings behind.”

And, Gg finds that many people are attracted to her body art.

She commented: “In every place, it doesn’t matter the culture, religion, country… people always are really impressed with my tattoos."

Plus, the Instagram model has never known people to judge her for her ink.

Gg said: “I think that tattoos nowadays are more accepted so I think that people see the person not the ink.

“Even my have family tattoos and they are really glad with all my tattoos and appreciate the art of tattooing so much.”

After all the work and effort though the tattoo addict has one dream left to fulfil.

She explained: “I wish that Baz Luhrman (Director of Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby) could see and appreciate my Romeo and Juliet leg sleeve someday.

“I have been a huge fan of his work since I was teenager.”

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