I feel sidelined by my friend now she is in a relationship – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IN my first year at uni I made a great friend. She helped me hang on when I might have dropped out.

This year it’s different. She’s seeing a bloke in my house-share and I feel like it’s all about him and not me any more.

I feel that my friend isn’t really my friend now.

I’m 19 and have many more friends this year than I did in the first year.

I’m more confident but it still really upsets me that this girl has changed.

I just want to enjoy being friends and really don’t want to be jealous.

Friendships change during your teens and early twenties.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Be grateful this girl was there for you last year when you badly needed a friend.

Now it’s all changed. She has a boyfriend and, by the sound of it, you’ve got the start of a great social life.

My e-leaflet Teens Guide To Socialising can help too.

Keep busy and keep making new friends but maybe suggest a coffee with her.

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