‘I cleared Aldi shelf after spotting 50p bargains – I don’t care if people moan’

A mum has admitted she cleared Aldi's supermarket shelf after spotting a 50p bargain.

And she said people don't have the right to 'moan' about it because she was getting them for her kids.

The lady, called Kerry-Ann, posted a picture after buying nine kids’ water bottles featuring brands such as PlayStation – on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Writing alongside the picture of the newly purchased bottles, she wrote: “Aldi 50p each, before anyone moans I have 4 boys.”

Despite her worrying about backlash, most wrote back to support the parent on her purchases – saying they would have done exactly the same.

They also thanked her for sharing the bargain and said they’d be keeping a look out for anything similar.

One told her: "What does it matter how many you buy. It’s your money and if people don’t like it then so be it.

"It’s a bargain and the prices of stuff recently makes sense to grab all the bargains you can get. Good for you."

While another agreed: "You need double when you have boys. As a mum of boys I know they lose everything. Well done on the great buy."

A third chimed in: "Amazing! I'd have bought several too and I only have 2 boys. They’re always so handy and breaking and getting lost. Great bargain!"

While a fourth added: "Even if you didn’t have 4 boys, never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone else. I’m sure they will get plenty of use."

The comments come after a man who cleared B&M's shelf after spotting a 10p bargain didn't exactly get the same support.

He also revealed on Facebook that he'd stocked up on seven cardboard cat scratchers for the bargain price are seeing they were on offer.

Considering they are usually £2 each at the store, this means he managed to save £13.30

However, some other social media group users were furious as many claimed it was selfish to take them all.

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