I bought a cheap house without ever seeing inside – people think it’s haunted but it’s worth it | The Sun

A MAN has told how he bought a cheap house without ever seeing it – but people think it may be haunted.

The homeowner said the house is worth the value despite criticism from trolls.

TikTok user @xerocars took to social media to show off the bargain house in a series of videos.

He said: "I bought a cheap house – was it a good idea?"

In the clips, he showed viewers the state of his second-hand home.

The property appeared to have windows with broken glass, a garden with overgrown grass and a kitchen infested with dead bugs.

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It even boasts a room filled with posters from One Direction all over the walls.

But the content creator said to be satisfied with his purchase – which he claimed cost him a sum of £52,000 after spending "all his savings".

The video has gone viral with over a million of views and thousands of likes.

But the place has been dubbed "creepy" by trolls who say he has bought a "haunted house".

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User Laura Gottschalk said: "If you're actually concerned about bad spirits, cleanse the house with white sage."

User Yunuen.Ramirez added: "Is 1D-monic house."

However, the tiktoker replied: "I haven't seen any murderous ghosts yet, keep my fingers crossed."

Some people have even said the house looked like a "murder scene".

"So fun fact, butterfly's are attracted to dead things", one said.

Another one slammed: "Someone was killed here."

One useradvised: "Be careful when cutting the garden in case there are hedgedogs."

But others are not convinced and said the state is a result of being neglected by owners for too long.

With one user, Signe Borscenko, saying: "I think the windows are smashed by teens or some homeless people."

"It's probably because no one lived there for a while so people break in so that they can sleep in there," one user added.

"You should always ask neighbours near before purchasing because it's cheap for a reason," another said.

This comes as another woman revealed that she bought the worst house on the street and has given it a total makeover whilst on a budget. 

Kirsty Gore explained that thanks to five hacks, she was able to turn her run-down garden into one from dreams, without having to splash too much cash. 

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Elsewhere, a Florida-based content creator shared how she renovated her ceiling for the Parisian house of her dreams, all while on a budget.

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