Hubs For The Ultra Rich: 7 Cities That Home Most Billionaires

We often look to the amazing things that millionaires and billionaires are doing in their lives. Some are taking trips to outer space; others are donating funds to non-profits.

Just a sneak-peek inside the homes of these mega-rich individuals often brings about talks of the new interior design trends and leaves many wishing they had something similar.

Another aspect of their lives is simply the city they live in; what kind of resources do they have at their disposal and how close they live to the action in big cities, down the street from famous landmarks, and more.

Check out the top 7 cities on the globe where billionaires tend to reside.

7 Beijing, China

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According to Statista, the largest number of billionaires on the planet reside in Beijing. With approximately 145 billionaires, Beijing offers luxury real estate in Chinese-style homes compared to western-style homes. Together, their riches add up to a total of $2.5 trillion, with the richest man in the city, Zhong Shanshan leading the group with $69.9 billion.

Shanshan owns Nongfu Spring, a bottled water company, as well as Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy. Both companies went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020.

6 Shanghai, China

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In 2016, China became the leading country in the world for billionaire residents, overtaking New York City for the first time. Shanghai is home to 113 of the world’s richest and, once again, offers some of the most luxurious real estates on the market. Another reason billionaires tend to reside in China is the manufacturing and technology industries.

It probably doesn’t hurt when you visit your billionaire friends in Shanghai. Some of the grandest hotels, restaurants, and comfort amenities reside there as well.

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5 New York City, USA

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If you were to make a list of all the places a billionaire might live, most of us would add NYC to the list. The bustling city that never sleeps boasts the most billionaires after China. It makes sense that many would live in the city that’s home to the stock market, top-notch technology, entertainment, and more.

Considered the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg boasts a cool $60 billion according to Celebrity Net Worth. Bloomberg is the founder of Bloomberg LP, a financial news and information media company.

4 Shenzhen, China

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The city of Shenzhen has become a tech hub of the country, contributing to the rise of wealthy residents in recent years. With more than three dozen billionaires calling the city home, real estate markets deem Shenzhen in the top five most expensive housing in the world.

Known as the ‘Silicon Valley of China,’ the city features facial recognition payment, electric taxis and buses, and a state-of-the-art transportation system. The city is also becoming a well-known tourist destination. Next door to bustling Hong Kong, Shenzhen has a giant shopping and restaurant district along the bay, a technology market, and theme parks.

3 London, United Kingdom

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Boasting more than 60 billionaires, the city of London actually has a ‘Billionaire’s Boulevard’ located in Kensington Palace Gardens, and we’re not just talking about royalty.

Located along the Thames River, the city includes historical, cultural, and economic influence over the world, not to mention a bustling and innovative healthcare and medicine sector. James Radcliffe is the founder and majority owner of Ineos Group, a chemical powerhouse according to Forbes. Ineos produces oils and solvents used to make insulin and antibiotics.

2 Hong Kong, China

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The city has taken a small step back as other popular locations such as Shenzhen and Beijing, but it’s still home to nearly 100 billionaires. Business Insider reports the city’s ultra-rich live in luxurious neighborhoods like Deep Water Bay or the Peak. They’re driving the best cars and eating at the best restaurants. Hong Kong is also home to 82 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Not only do the billionaires flock to the city, but it’s estimated that one in every seven residents in Hong Kong are millionaire’s and at least 10,000 residents are worth $30 million or more. Li Ka-Shing is currently Hong Kong’s richest resident, worth $29.3 billion. The 93-year-old Ka-Shing is one of Asia’s most influential businessmen.

1 Moscow, Russia

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True, real estate is again a hot commodity in the city of Moscow, but most estimate billionaires naturally reside there due to the country’s natural resources. Some of their richest: Vladimir Lisin, Alexei Mordashov, and Roman Abramovich, have all made their fortunes through steel and oil.

With unique and beautiful architecture and the home to Red Square, like London, the historical significance of buildings and tourist attractions must have an additional pull to some of the world’s richest.

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