How to get a loan with ASNEF

The beginnings are always hard, and if we talk about the beginning of the year, this premise is still more certain. The January slope does not go unnoticed in many homes in our country, so faced with pressing financial needs more and more different options that try to supply them adapting to their peculiarities.

And many families spend some time struggling to make ends meet. Maturities of debts contracted during previous processes of external financing, payments of inescapable invoices and a large number of etceteras are imposed often without which we count with many weapons to confront them.

In this sense, the need to resort to a loan if it is included in the registry of ASNEF is not always easy to satisfy, because the strict conditions that the financial institutions impose to ensure the return and profitability of their Investments make it simply a highly inaccessible market for many. This problem has led to the growth of a sector of finance that until recently we were simply a stranger. These are the entities specializing in the granting of loans and credits with Asnef, which adopt different forms and characteristics depending on the type of client that uses them.

Although the most widespread model is the granting of small quantities with maturities of short-term debt, there are other entities, such as, which are dedicated to a higher margin of financing. Through them, their clients opt to access sums that go from €6,000, being able to reach the €150,000, but always with the guarantee of a real estate, of which this entity will lend to a maximum of 30% to 40% of its value. It is possible to obtain credits with payments without cash and without salary in Spain at the request of “préstamos con asnef y sin nómina”: you will be surprised at how easy and simple it is.

In addition, another distinctive feature of this particular entity is that it allows its customers to borrow while in Asnef for defaults of some kind. Nor is conditio sine qua not the payroll of the applicant for credit, which is often indispensable requirement in traditional banking. In this model, on the contrary, the relevant requirements have to do with the characteristics of the real estate that is agreed as collateral.

Although, in general, the real estate that the client proposes as collateral could be of very different types, from apartments or houses to premises, ships or even hotel establishments. It is important that they are free of mortgages or debt burdens of some kind. However, if this is the case, these entities also propose loans with ASNEF to cancel these debts. In fact, among the most common customers of this type of service are very often those who request such credit to solve the debtor positions that have caused their inclusion in ASNEF. In this way, they would increase their chances of accessing a bank credit by being exempt from debts.

As for the cost of the interests and commissions, the experts advise well before deciding. In the case of private credit, which is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, interest rates vary between 9% and 12%, and the repayment periods range from one to 10 years.