Hot Christmas Drinks 2019 | The Sun UK

IT’S BEGINNING to feel a lot like Christmas… the moment you get a mug of something delicious and steamy in your hands.

Hot Christmas drinks are as much a part of the festive tradition as hanging up the stockings and decorating the tree.

Our favourite Christmas drinks come in two varieties: sweet winter warmers that our five-year-olds can enjoy, and those that pack a punch – and some alcohol.

Bailey’s is launching a new Salted Caramel flavour this Christmas, with caramel and salt – the moreish drink is perfect for mixing into a warming hot chocolate or a coffee cocktail. It's essentially dessert in a mug.

Mulled wine is another favourite tipple that makes us feel we’re at a Christmas market.

You can make your own with lots of gorgeous spices and fruits like orange, lemon and ginger, or buy a spiced ready-made version to give as a hostess present or drink with family.

Nothing beats receiving a Christmas gift that happens to be a festive, wintry drink. Look out for Christmas drink advent calendars and stocking stuffers for your nearest and dearest.

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