Horrified mum fears she’s ‘ruined daughters life’ over medical term name

A mum spoke out to admit she fears she's 'ruined her daughter's life' with the name she chose her.

The mum said although she loves the name, she's worried her daughter will be mocked after finding out the moniker is a medical term.

The anonymous parent took to Mumsnet to reveal her daughter was called Alexia.

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Although the name seems relatively normal, the mum was concerned it would ruin her child's life.

She wrote: "At the time of her birth I was aware of dyslexia term but it was not everywhere like it is now and it never appeared to either of us that alexia is also a medical term.

"We just struggled to find a name and both really liked it. When we Googled it back then we discovered it meant 'men defender' and thought it 'had a good meaning'."

The medical term Alexia means 'the inability to comprehend written material'.

After finding out her daughter's name is a medical term, the mum says she has been fretting over it.

She continued: "She is eight and I am constantly obsessing over the choice we've made to the point that I am not sure if also made a mistake with our second DC name.

"She can't go by Alexa either for obvious reasons – Mumsnet constantly slams both of the names whenever they come up.

"This made my anxiety worse with all the negative comments over both of the names."

The mum said she wants to change the name but her daughter doesn't seem to have an issue with it at the moment.

She added: "I do feel like I would want to change it but DD loves her name and doesn’t want any NN or other name.

"She is not aware of negative connotations but she may find out one day.

"Is the name really that bad? What would you think if you hear it on a playground?"

People on Mumsnet quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts – and many thought there was no issue.

One told her: "It's not that bad but I'd start calling her Lexi, which I think is pretty cute."

While another added: "It’s a perfectly fine name, you're worrying over nothing."

"It's a beautiful name. I can't see what your issue is," wrote a third.

A fourth chimed: "There’s an Alexia in one of my children’s class. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the name? I don’t understand?"

"It’s not a medical term in common parlance – as a pp said, it’s similar to Amelia in that regard. I wouldn’t worry – honestly," added a fifth person.


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