Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, August 20


You wonder if a partner is being honest with you. What is it that is causing you to feel this way? If you have no evidence to back your thoughts, try to push away these feelings. They have probably done nothing to justify your suspicion. Far-off places provide a strong attraction. You are in need of a holiday.


You’re putting some imaginative thought into routine affairs to make your days more exciting. This will both surprise and delight those you work and live with. Your career prospects are much improved and that’s because you are willing to be more flexible in your thinking.


Think before you speak. You’re doing your best to get on with someone you see almost every day even though this isn’t easy. The two of you are like chalk and cheese. If you speak out on impulse or say the wrong thing this will leave you working together in a tense and uncomfortable silence.


A friend with a long shopping list will be expecting you to join them on a spending spree. The way things look at this time, even if you did have some money to spare, you will opt out of a shopping trip. You would rather avoid temptation and put your money into something that will bring lasting pleasure.


A more leisurely pace of life will give you a chance to sit back and stare for a pleasant change. You might realise such opportunities for appreciating life and the world around you are and have been few and far between. It might be time to look at your priorities to get a healthier balance between your personal and professional lives.


Someone who is usually very shy will be unexpectedly forthright about what they want and what they expect from others. You will know how much courage it will have taken for them to be more assertive. For this reason you will offer your support. This is your chance to help someone realise their potential.


You feel torn in two opposing directions and it’s difficult to decide on either because one person wants one thing and someone else another. You wish there was a way of pleasing everybody. Instead of giving in to other people’s wishes, why not think about what it is that you want to do.


Unlike a hyperactive relative you are feeling more on the lazy side and you don’t feel guilty about this. You’ve always worked hard and you deserve to take a well-earned break. If some previously made arrangements go wrong and you aren’t in the mood to deal with it, a friend or loved one will come to the rescue.


Watch what you say especially when you are in the company of a sensitive friend. Be careful not to make any false accusations or you could spoil what is otherwise a good friendship. A sporting interest will help burn up some of your energy or if you can’t get out, how about a top-to-toe cleaning session?


You were about to give up receiving the results of a recent test, interview or audition. Some optimistic news will restore your hopes and confidence. Problems you had been expecting to encounter in the workplace are unlikely to arise. This will come as a big relief.


A social event won’t all be fun, laughter and games and that’s because you have work to do behind the scenes. Even so, you will be pleased that those attending will be enjoying themselves. Are you single? Love is in the air. You won’t need a love-potion to attract the attention of someone special.


An unusual and unexpected situation involving a younger or older relative will call for your attention. Someone has made an error of judgement and it seems to be you who now has to deal with the problems this has created. You are angry but you won’t let it show.

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