Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, June 16


You’re inclined to leave it to others to deal with problems that crop up in the home or workplace. If you do, they will still turn to you for advice or practical assistance. For that reason it would probably save time if you just got on with it and sorted things out yourself.


It may be necessary to take a few risks in order to bring about the long-term outcomes you are hoping for. These will be carefully calculated and inevitable if you are to make progress. If it does go wrong at least you will have tried.


The urgency of a plea made to you will influence your decision. If someone close asks to borrow some money you will sense they would not have asked unless they desperately needed this. In a team effort, too many cooks are likely to spoil the proceedings. Step away if you sense an argument is brewing.


A decision recently made is on your mind. Was it the right thing to do? What you hear, this morning, will confirm you made the right choice. Be ready to put your imagination into your work later. A housemate who has some secret fears will take you into their confidence, this evening.


Consult a professional if need be as it will be important to give extra attention to the legalities of a contract or agreement currently under discussion. Be willing to put your mind into solving a workplace problem and your quick-thinking could save the day.


Thoughts flow freely and you are coming up with some amazing ideas. Put just some of these into a work or academic assignment and you are likely to be pleased with the results. Someone is surprised by your creative flair. They always saw you as being slow, practical and methodical.


A decision you are about to make will have long-term consequences. Whether or not you will regret your choice, only time will tell but as long as you think carefully about what you are doing you will know that you made the decision feeling it was for the best at this particular time.


You will try to be patient but at times this is easier said than done. A male colleague will seem to be deliberately goading you. Just be sure not to give him the reaction he is hoping for. Disagreements over an unexpectedly large bill will cause some tension in the home.


Thoughts will veer towards new possibilities. You’re growing bored with your usual routines. It’s worth thinking about making some changes. New interests will make the months’ ahead look more exciting. Outside activities shared with like-minded friends will bring moments you enjoy most.


Push all ideas of following your own plans aside when it will be necessary to drop what you are doing to help others out. Someone who isn’t very sensible or practical will ask you for some advice. Respond in a way that does not sound like criticism or they will regret having approached you.


When conversations get heated, it is still important to get your views out. Some powerful personalities will cleverly and loudly make their feelings known. Your thoughts are important too. If you need advice, confide in a friend who you know can keep a secret.


Housemates are hoping you will be willing to discuss family matters especially if these involve financial arrangements or plans to move home. If a health professional has advised a change of habits, take their advice seriously. An invitation to a wedding or party will mean travelling out of town.

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