Holidaymaker relives moment she found man fatally injured at Ibiza beauty spot

A holidaymaker has spoken of the horrifying moment she found a man lying unconscious on the ground after a climbing accident in Ibiza.

A 25-year-old man died at a well-known beauty spot on the Spanish island on August 14.

According to the emergency services, he was climbing near the Pedrera of Cala d'Hort cove in Sant Josep, known as Atlantis, when he fell.

Diario de Mallorca reported: "Apparently, the young man was climbing along with his partner when the accident occurred.

"He fell from a great height, more than 25 metres, according to several sources."

Local reports initially said the man was believed to be British but today the Foreign Office confirmed he was not a UK national.

The woman who found him and phoned emergency services has now spoken to Mirror Online about her terrifying experience.

Murielle van den Hurk-Laponder, 46, said he was lying on the ground unconsicous.

She said she stayed with him until rescue teams arrived, trying to talk to him and praying he would be okay.

But Murielle says tragically there was nothing that could be done to save him.

Murielle, from Waalre, southern Holland, said: "I saw this man lying down on the ground, it was not nice to see

"He was unconscious. He was not dead but he was gone.

"I was sat next to the man who had fallen down. I was praying.

"There was nobody else there. It was really horrible.

"It was scary and a really strange feeling but I was calm."

Murielle stayed with him until the rescue team arrived, trying to tell him to "breathe".

"I tried to talk to him but he was not there," she said.

"There was nothing I could do and that was the most difficult thing.

"I cried a lot and talked a lot about it after, it was sad."

Murielle was in Ibiza leading a 'transformational retreat' which includes yoga and personal development, with a couple of days to relax on holiday at the end of her trip.

She was with one of the girls from the retreat, walking near the cove, when they spotted a young woman half way down.

"We saw the girlfriend being rescued but I didn't know anyone else was there," Murielle said.

"She was half way down the cliff, I could see her.

"I know now she was looking (down) where her friend was. She was crying.

"When we saw she was safe we climbed down."

It was then they saw the man lying unconscious.

The retreat member stayed 10m away while Murielle went to help, she said.

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