Harry and Meghan's luxurious homes all feature in Netflix series

Harry and Meghan’s posh properties! ‘Cosy luxe’ Frogmore Cottage and Lili’s bijou nursery at their $14.65million Montecito mansion give a glimpse of couple’s passion for interior design in Netflix series

  • Release of first three episodes of the Netflix series sees footage showing Harry and Meghan in the kitchen of Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate, and in their current South California home
  • While Frogmore was given an open plan and modern update by the couple in 2019 as part of a £2.4million revamp of the historic property, it remains a far cry from their Montecito mansion 
  • Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared a glimpse of their old home; pictured kissing in the kitchen at Frogmore, as well as enjoying the property’s historic grounds
  • Montecito features heavily too, with Meghan’s mother, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex filming most of their interviews for the tell-all documentary there 
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The lavish homes that Harry and Meghan have shared since meeting in 2016 get a starring role in the episodes of Harry and Meghan released by Netflix on Thursday.  

The show includes glimpses of their current Californian idyll – a $14million Montecito mansion and Frogmore Cottage, the Grade-II listed five-bedroom property that became their first marital home. 

Harry and Meghan haven’t lived at Frogmore, on the late Queen’s former Windsor estate, since they left for a new life in the US in 2020 – but their historic first home features frequently in the opening episodes of their new blockbuster Netflix series, the first three episodes of which were released today.

Domestic bliss: The kitchen at Frogmore Cottage is seen again – this time in colour – in the first episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series, with Meghan painting her nails while Harry eats from a pot of yoghurt beside her

Last week, the trailer for the six-part show offered a glimpse inside the glamorous kitchen of their one-time UK residence, where the couple celebrated their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday in June this year while visiting as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

And the first three episodes of the Netflix series, released today, offered yet more shots of the couple in the trendy kitchen there. 

Here FEMAIL looks at how much of the homes that feature in the controversial new series, of which the first three episodes were released today. 


The historic home on the late Queen’s Windsor estate was supposed to be Meghan and Harry’s long-term base. The property, at the couple’s instruction, received a £2.4million renovation in 2019 – just months before they announced they were stepping down as senior working royals and relocating to the US. 

The trailer for the the new Netflix show put their time at Frogmore front and centre While more black and white snaps from March 2020 – showing the couple after they returned home from the Mountbatten Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of their ‘farewell tour’ – appeared in the first episode, there were also colour shots of the kitchen, which boasts a marble-topped island at its centre, herringbone wooden flooring and ‘cosy’ rustic brick feature walls. 

Meghan is seen painting her nails in the shot, while Harry is eating from a yoghurt pot, a scene that interiors expert Benji Lewis says paints a picture of domestic bliss, with the kitchen a veritable hideaway from the rest of the world.  

And they’re off: The couple are seen sharing a kiss in the kitchen of their former home after one of their final public events as senior royals in March 2020, at the Mountbatten Festival of Music

The historic cottage on the Windsor Estate features frequently in the first three episodes of the series, despite Meghan and Harry having not lived their for two years

Prince Harry is seen swinging from a tree in the grounds of the cottage in one scene 

Another shot sees Frogmore’s rolling surrounds feature, with Harry appearing to chat to a brace of swans

Frogmore Cottage underwent £2.4m renovations in 2019, which Prince Harry has since repaid to the government. The couple still use the Grade II-listed Windsor property as their UK base – and were here for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in June, marking their daughter’s first birthday in their former home

The couple celebrated Lilibet’s first birthday at Frogmore Cottage after returning for the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year 

Meghan: ‘I had to Google God Save The Queen!’

‘There’s plenty of activity going on in here, the island suggesting mugs for tea are at the ready, the cafetière on the side on the back wall – this is a space that’s ready for welcoming people with ease.’

It’s practical too, the expert surmises. ‘There’s seemingly a spot that’s been allowed for, a kind of desk with a chair, where someone can sit and work with power close to hand – useful for the phone charger or plugging in a laptop.’ 

From the latest appearance of the couple’s old home, it appears as though keen chef Meghan had given the old kitchen – which was built in 1801 – a modern update with industrial-style touches. Lewis notes the property appears a far cry from their grand $14 million mansion in Santa Barbara.

He says: ‘As a whole, whilst careful thought has clearly been given to the lighting, the kitchen has much more of a homely, downtime ‘undone’ feel to it than anything super posh.’

Referencing the flooring seen in the new photos, Lewis says herringbone parquet floor is ‘a good alternative to straight boards and will provide a softer feel underfoot if going barefoot in your kitchen is something you enjoy.’ 

He adds: ‘Acoustically too, the timber finishes we see will be more gentle than a lot of hard surfaces like limestone or porcelain.’

Lewis says the casual feel extends to everything from the stools – ‘ensuring that your guests have a handy perch for chit chat while you’re sorting the menial working tasks’ to the soft lighting. 

He explains: ‘The inclusion of wall lights is good – these will provide a friendly ambient sideways glow whilst the row of pendants cast their light downwards onto the work surface, and the hardware on the door looks original; in an antique brass finish it’s homely and warm.’


Just chilling: Prince Harry is seen in one piece of footage reading to his two children, Archie, and Lilibet, with the couple’s dogs enjoying the California sunshine at their Montecito home

A snapshot of Lilibet with Meghan in the nursery of the couple’s home, which they bought for a rumoured $14.65million

While it’s unclear whether the couple used their own home to film the interview scenes for the Netflix series, there were glimpses of the home Meghan and Harry share in South California

Carefully thought about interiors: The California vista and high ceilings ooze success story here, says our expert

Curtains puddling on the floor suggest practicality is also important to the Sussexes, as they keep light out in the nursery

Meghan and Harry have flung open the doors to their $14.65million Montecito mansion, which they share with their two children, Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, for their Netflix series.  

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, has previously shared how the interiors of their Southern California home make her ‘feel free’ and is ‘calm and healing’.

Footage from the first three episodes of the tell-all series sees the couple telling their story from the comfort of their sofa at home, with the decor that surrounds them mostly neutral.

Although it’s not clear whether the interview scenes were shot in the couple’s home or a glamorous stand-in house, the interiors have been clearly thought about to convey the right mood. 

Says interior designer Benji: ‘The look here is far more polished than what we saw of the Frogmore kitchen. There’s splendid ceiling height, huge glazed doors giving out onto landscaped gardens and a big California vista to pack a pretty glamorous punch.’

At one with nature: The Sussexes clearly love their outdoor space, says interiors expert Benji Lewis

Of the footage showing the couple’s exterior, ‘Nature is something they clearly enjoy’, says Lewis. ‘The bird feeder on the terrace is a great inclusion, something to provide some additional interest as you observe the gardens from within the room. The arched windows look as if they’ve taken inspiration from somewhere 18th century and European – French or Spanish I should think.’

And the neutrals galore? ‘We shouldn’t be too surprised by the colour palette – soft greys/tans and ivories are seemingly what the Sussexes enjoy and certainly make for a serene feel.

While it’s unclear if this is Prince Harry’s actual home, the neutral decor is certainly in line with the interior trends the couple seem to favour

Casual vibes: The Sussexes aren’t afraid to show off their relaxed approach to interiors, with their two dogs pictured more than once enjoying a comfy couch

‘We know they love dogs so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of happily sleeping mutts on the cream sofa, one particularly basking in the sunshine.

‘I love the sheepskin rugs on the sofa, I should imagine they were for the dogs to kip on or perhaps for Harry and Meghan themselves to make the large room feel cosy.’

The nursery feels less formal, our expert says. ‘The curtains have been allowed to puddle on the floor, possibly as a means to minimise the risk of daylight creeping in. We see no evidence of toddler clutter, aside from the large white cot, the only other item in the room is a small low traditional looking, freestanding cupboard.

‘The inclusion of a rug on the floor is sensible, notably if the sub floor is floorboards – the rug will be softer for the kids to play on’.

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