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Halle Berry shares grueling fitness routine

‘She is a real-life superhuman’: Halle Berry’s personal trainer details her GRUELING workout – as he praises the 52-year-old for being the ‘hardest working actor’ he has ever met

  • The Ohio-born actress posted a series of short videos as she trained with her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, in December   
  • The videos see Halle, who now resides in Los Angeles, and Peter performing a number of different exercises that she uses to stay in shape 
  • Earlier this year the star admitted that she is in ‘the best shape of [her] life’ thanks to Peter 
  • Exercises featured in the videos include leg lifts and oblique crunches 
  • The star’s personal trainer recently featured on The Doctors on Monday 7 January where he revealed that he and Halle train five to six times per week 
  • Speaking about the actor, Peter said: ‘She is a real-life superhuman’

Halle Berry’s workout routine has been revealed as the sculpted mother-of-two prepares for an upcoming role as an assassin in a movie that sees her performing all her own stunts. 

The 52-year-old Oscar-winner shared a number of short videos to her Instagram stories in December showing a snippet of one of her personal training sessions with Hollywood personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. 

Peter recently appeared on The Doctors where he said that Halle is ‘the hardest working actor I have ever met in my entire life,’ after giving an insight to his workout routine with the actor, revealing that the pair work out five to six times per week. 

Fitness partners in crime: 52-year-old Halle Berry regularly trains and shares fitness videos to Instagram with her with Hollywood personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas (pictured left) 

A proud coach: Speaking on The Doctors this week, Peter said his workout regime with Halle focuses around trying to ‘modify’ her body to withstand tough choreography in movies 

The personal trainer appeared on The Doctors on Monday January 7, where he discussed his workout regime with the actress. 

He also spoke about the goal he has in mind when working with Halle for her role as an assassin in an upcoming movie, John Wick 3.

He said: ‘When we are training we have a mindset. 

‘We’ve got to try and modify the body to be able to withstand the type of choreography, and the action design, that she’s about to take on with this extraordinary role of a female assassin. 

‘It’s not easy, and it takes so much hard work and discipline, and I’m so proud of her because at 51 years of age she is doing all of her own stunts. 

Answering the question of how often he trains the actress, Peter revealed: ‘We’re training comfortably about five, sometimes six, times a week,’ he revealed. 

Peter said: ‘She’s the hardest working actor I have ever met in my entire life. 

‘She is a real-life superhuman superhero,’ he added. 

The award-winning actress regularly shares ‘Fitness Friday’ videos to her Instagram page.

A series of videos she posted in December focused on the different core exercises Halle has been using to prepare for an upcoming movie role. 

Earlier this year, Halle credited Peter with having her in ‘the best shape’ she has ever been in.  

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Hard work pays off: The mother-of-two happily put her enviable physique on show when she stepped out on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday

Bear crawl exercises

This exercise, as perfectly demonstrated by Halle herself, involves getting down onto your all fours, keeping your shoulders in line with your hands while facing a bench or flat surface. 

Next, Halle slowly places one hand on the bench, and then bring it back down to the floor. She repeats this with both arms, while keeping her legs in the original position.

Starting off: Halle demonstrates a bar crawl exercise that involves getting down on all fours while facing toward a bench before raising one hand at a time, placing it on the bench 

Hanging windshield wipers 

To successfully complete the exercise, as shown by Peter in the video, start by hanging from a pull up bar before lifting your legs into the air so that your back directly faces toward the floor.

Then, using your core muscles, swing your legs from left to right, and repeat.  

Professional: Halle’s personal trainer demonstrates the next exercise that involves using your core muscles to swing your legs from left to right while hanging from a pull up bar 

Lateral hop over bench     

In her second exercise, Halle demonstrates a lateral hop using a bench.

This involves putting your hands on a bench, and jumping over the bench from side to side.

Sweat it out! The toned and trim actress completes lateral hops over a bench. Halle grips onto the bench, before jumping with both legs side to side over the bench 

Hanging knee raise    

The hanging knee raise, which requires strong ab control, involves hanging from a pull up bar and leaving your legs dangling before raising your knees up close to your chest.

After holding the position for a couple of seconds, lower legs so they are dangling again. 

Focus: The personal trainer, who has trained Demi Lovato, 26, and P Diddy, 49, is seen showing how to do a hanging knee raise, holding onto a bar and raising his knees into a 90 degree angle

Bear crawl plank bench up and downs     

For this exercise, Halle gets down on her hands and knees with her feet facing a bench. She then lifts her right foot onto the bench, followed by her left, and repeats the process.  

Fitness fanatic: Halle, whose latest movie is due to be released in 2019, completes several bear crawl plank bench up and downs that see her placing her hands and knees on the ground before raising her left and right legs onto the bench one at a time 

Hanging leg raise 

The hanging leg raise is similar to the knee raise, but involves lifting both entire legs up until they are parallel with the ground while hanging from a pull up bar. 

After holding the position for a couple of seconds, lower legs so they are dangling again. 

Concentration: The L.A. based fitness trainer completes a hanging leg raise by hanging from a pull up bar before raising both legs up until they are parallel with the ground  

Hanging oblique twist 

For the hanging oblique twist, Halle starts by hanging from a pull up bar. She then raises her knees and places them to one side of her body. 

Next, Halle twists her abs so that her knees move from side to side, and repeats this a number of times. 

Working hard: In her last exercise of the video, Halle shows her followers how to do a hanging oblique twist but hanging from a pull up bar, raising her knees to one side, and moving both knees from side to side

Hanging knee raise running man 

The fitness instructor’s last exercise involves hanging from a pull up bar, before raising one knee up close to his chest. 

Peter then repeats the action on both legs, as if he is running in mid-air.  

At the finish line: Finally, Peter completes a hanging knee raise running man that involves hanging from the bar, and lifting both knees up one at a time in a fast running-like motion 

During Peter’s appearance on The Doctors, he also spoke about and demonstrated several simple at-home exercises that are easy for everyone to do, and don’t require the use of a gym or any equipment.  

Tough: Speaking on The Doctors on Monday, the Hollywood trainer said that he and Halle work out together five to six times each week

Speaking about functional movements, those that are based on real-world situational bio-mechanics, he said: ‘I think it’s the way nature intended for us to move.’ 

The Hollywood trainer then demonstrated three different equipment-free moves to get an ‘A-list body’. 

He used a volunteer from the audience, Mary-Margaret, to demonstrate the exercises.

Peter explained: ‘You don’t need a million dollars to have the best body ever, and I think that’s the key here.’ 

According to the fitness trainer, lack of access to a gym, or any fitness equipment is not a legitimate excuse for failing to get a good workout in. 

‘It’s not a lack of resources, it’s a lack of resourcefulness,’ the trainer said, revealing that he would be using a gallon of water as a weight for the exercises.    

H20 swing 

For the first exercise, Peter stands with his legs spread shoulder-width apart as he squats down and back up again.

As he performs the squats, he swings the water bottle from his shoulder height to between his legs, and repeats the action each time he squats.  

Simple! During his appearance on The Doctors on Monday January 7 Peter demonstrated  a ‘H20 swing’ that involves squatting while swinging a gallon-sized bottle of water 

H20 twist 

This exercise involves sitting down onto a mat, raising your legs and crossing your legs over at the ankle area.

Again, Peter uses the water bottle as a weight.

He performs the exercise by twisting from side to side with the bottle, before raising the bottle above his head, increasing the number of twists and raises he does with every rep. 

For the duration of the exercise, Peter’s legs are raised, working the core muscles. 

Twist it! Peter pictured beside volunteer Mary-Margaret (left) as the pair demonstrate a ‘H20 twist’ that involves holding the gallon of water, twisting side-to-side, and raising the bottle up

Partner planks 

The third exercise, partner planks, involves one partner getting into a plank position, while the other partner holds their feet up while squatting. 

After completing a number of reps, both partners swap positions and complete the opposite task.  

Plank it out: The pair pictured demonstrating a ‘partner plank’ in which one team member gets into a plank position, while the other squats and holds their legs, raising them up and down 

Towel sit-ups 

The final exercise, which is focused on working the abs, involves using a towel.

Peter begins by sitting on a mat, with his knees bent slightly and legs raised off the floor. 

As he holds this position, he holds the towel out shoulder-width apart and loops the towel under his raised feet, and back under again.

He repeats the process a number of times, while continuously keeping his feet raised off the floor. 

Last but not least: Finally, Peter demonstrated ‘towel sit-ups’ that involves looping a towel below your legs, and vice versa, while keeping your legs raised off the ground 

Halle is set to play the part of an assassin named Sofia in her upcoming movie John Wick 3: Parabellum.

The movie is the third installment in the John Wick series.

It sees hit-man John Wick trying to escape New York City when he becomes the target of a number of assassins.  

The actress will star alongside a number of other A-list actors, including Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane and Jason Mantzoukas.  

The action thriller is due to be released in May of this year.  

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