Hair colour which will ‘reverse the natural ageing process’

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Want to revamp your look and shave years off your age at the same time? Santiago Figueroa, Director at hair salon Santi’s London, suggests dyeing your hair. She spoke to about the best and worst colours to go for.

The expert stated: “Mature women should always go for warmer tones to reverse their natural ageing process.”

L’Oreal explained the difference between warm and cool tones – it’s important to get clued up ahead of your next salon appointment.

The website read: “Warm hair colours utilise warm undertones such as gold/yellow, copper/orange and red to create vibrant shades like golden brown and bright copper.”

Warm tones can make mature women look a little younger as they “add warmth and colour to the complexion”.

This can make a dramatic improvement to skin that has become more pale and translucent with age.

Cool hair colours on the other hand, “employ cool undertones such as ash/blue, iridescent/violet and matte/green tones to create rich shades like platinum blonde and mocha”.

According to Santiago, there’s a particular warm hair colour older ladies should go for once their greys start coming through.

“Our popular colours for women with lots of grey hairs are buttery blonde colours to blend their natural grey through, making it less visible as the hair starts to grow back.”

Chic Queen Camilla, 75, sports a gorgeous buttery blonde long bob – or ‘lob’ – which she wears flicked out to the sides.

For those too afraid to take the plunge and go blonde, Santiago offered a colour compromise.

She suggested: “A mixture of lowlights and highlights is also a great option for a low maintenance look with great results for anti-ageing.”

Some other warm colours include strawberry blonde, copper, mahogany, golden blonde, butterscotch or toffee brown.

Ultimately, she would avoid going grey gracefully: “Going naturally grey will always create a more ageing look.

“Steer clear of any ash tones that can often compare to grey tones.

“We want to ideally enhance those grey tones with warmer/golden/copper tones.”

As for hair colour, Santiago would advise against going too long or too short.

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She said: “Long, shapeless hair can bring out more any facial flaws, but short hair can be more high-maintenance.

“Short hair on mature women doesn’t necessarily mean younger looking features. It’s always worth checking your client’s lifestyle to suit their look.”

A midway point between long and short hair is the “nice, sharp shoulder-length” do.

This can have a “more chic, polished, younger-looking effect. Bangs are also “the perfect way to hide any wrinkles across the forehead”.

Santiago Figueroa is director at hair salon Santi’s London.

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