Great-gran, 88, becomes TikTok star with millions of fans

Jess and Grace have been heading round to see their gran Ruth Rudd during lockdown from a safe distance.

One day they joked about her doing a TikTok dance and she was on board.

Now, Ruth is a TikTok star with millions of fans.

The 88-year-old has become a viral sensation with her energetic performances outside her modest bungalow.

In one day, a clip of the widow scoring a goal while wearing her granddaughter’s football kit, attracted more than 500,000 views.

The retired legal secretary’s videos have now been viewed and shared more than 30 million times making her one of the fastest growing online stars this year.

Ruth, of Kidderminster, Worcs., said: ‘I’m just absolutely amazed. I’m an elderly, 88, a little bit disabled lady with fame like this.

‘I mean I haven’t done anything brave. I’ve just been an elderly lady making a fool of herself.

‘It’s made me happy and behind these doors, eight weeks not going anywhere, something like this to do has given me such a boost up.’

Ruth has three grown-up children, two great-grandchildren and nine grandchildren, including Jess and Grace.

Grace, 25, said: ‘Because of lockdown, we’ve been coming round to stand outside my nan’s house to see her, and one day my sister Jess said she had seen a video of someone else’s nan dancing and said our nan would be great at that.

‘We filmed nan doing a popular dance on TikTok and we thought nothing of it – Jess didn’t even put any tags or do anything special with the video – but it went viral.

‘Within a day, it had more than 50,000 views and it’s now got 30 million, plus over a million likes.’

Another popular video is the gran wearing a Cookley Ladies FC strip and scoring a goal.

Grace added: ‘It took a thousand attempts for nan to get the ball in the goal, even though it was right in front of her.

‘All the neighbours came out to watch, it was really funny.

‘The football club is in trouble and needs sponsors so she agreed to help raise the club’s profile by putting on the kit. She’s now an honourable member of the team.’

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