Girlfriend is so desperate to get pregnant she put holes in a condom

Now I can’t trust her and we’ve not had sex since.

She is 22 and I am 24 but do not feel ready to be a dad yet. We have always used condoms. Recently she put the condom on me and I didn’t bother checking if it was OK or damaged.

When I noticed the holes I stopped immediately and we had a big row. I feel she went too far to trick me in order to try to get pregnant.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is vital that parents are emotionally mature, and your girlfriend clearly isn’t – trying to trick you like that.

If you love her enough to want to get past this, say children need to be wanted by both parents and she must never try to deceive you again, but maybe agree a timetable for when you might be ready.

If you really can’t trust her though, it’s effectively over.

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