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MY HAIR can’t hold volume to save its life, so I had high hopes it would reach new heights with the GHD Rise Hot Brush.

The bestselling hair tool has been designed to give the roots a boost and add volume through the ends. 

  • GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169 from ASOS – buy here

Overall rating: 3.5/5


  • Makes my hair look sleek and shiny
  • Able to straighten and curl the hair 
  • Gives a decent amount of volume


  • Tricky to figure out how to use
  • Only one heat setting 
  • Expensive

GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush review: First impressions

I’m a big fan of GHD packaging. It’s always sleek and straightforward, packaged in an all-black box with clear instructions and no needless waste. 

Initially, I thought the Rise looked a bit like the blowdry brushes I’d used in the past, with a barrel covered in thick bristles.

The Rise is different from these kinds of tools, however, because it has been designed to be used on dry hair.

  • GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169 from ASOS – buy here

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GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush review: Performance

Learning how to use the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush was a process of trial and error, but after a while, I found a few different ways that worked for my hair type. 

The first way would be taking a section of hair around my parting and positioning the Rise at the root of my hair for about 10 seconds before lifting it up vertically and outwards down the strands to give it a boost of volume at the roots. 

  • GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169 from ASOS – buy here

The second and most frequently used way would be when I’m in a rush to get ready and my hair is looking frizzy, I would brush through the ends with the Rise to make it look sleek and shiny. 

Another way I found the tool useful was using it to keep my blowdry looking fresh after sleeping on it.

To do this. I would wrap the front pieces of my hair around the hot brush and replicate the same movement I do when blow-drying in order to revive the volume I lost during the night. 

The verdict: is the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush worth it? 

From other reviews I’ve seen online, the GHD Rise is a surprisingly controversial hair tool.

Some swear it’s the only hair tool they need, while others warn it’s a waste of money. 

I landed somewhere in the middle.

While I did find it handy for touch-ups and adding volume, as I’m already able to give myself a voluminous blowdry and have a curler and straightener at my disposal I wasn't sure the GHD Rise added anything to my hair routine that I couldn’t achieve with the other tools in my arsenal. 

  • GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169 from ASOS – buy here

That being said, I’m a child-free woman in my mid (getting closer to late) twenties with plenty of time to fiddle with my hair, so having a tool like the GHD Rise on hand could be a good time saver for those who don’t have as much time to dedicate to their styling routine. 

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Can you use the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush on wet hair? 

No, the tool is designed to be used on dry hair only.

While this tool does look similar to a blowdry brush, it is supposed to be used to add volume and body to hair that is already dry.

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