France TV Distribution Acquires Five Documentaries Spanning Science, History, Politics (EXCLUSIVE)

France tv distribution has picked up five new documentaries: “The Climate: A 50 Year Battle,” “The Epic History of Europe: From Cesar to Charles de Gaulle,” “Denisova Unveiled,” “Icons of the 20th Century: An Historical Journey” and “MBZ: The Hidden Face of the UAE.”

“The Climate: A 50-Year Battle” shines a spotlight on the first time the United Nations set forth the risks human activities pose to the climate in June 1972. The one-off documentary also recounts the scientific and political battles to raise global awareness about climate change in the last 50 years. Written and directed by Alexis Barbier-Bouvet et Elena Sender, “The Climate: A 50-Year Battle” is produced by Effervescence for French Broadcaster France 5.

“The Epic History of Europe: From Cesar to Charles de Gaulle” tells the history of France, from the Celts to Versailles and Napoleon’s conquests, right on through post-World War II. Produced by Banijay Studios France and Indigènes productions, the two-part documentary uses animated 3D maps and live action, as well as dramatizes events. Commissioned by France 3, the docu was directed by Fabrice Hourlier and is co-written by Hourlier et Stéphanie Hauville. 

“Denisova Unveiled” is a science documentary charting excavations conducted by archeologists in 2008 during which a bone belonging to a prehistoric individual from an unknown human specie was discovered. “Denisova Unveiled” follows the team of archeologists as they embark on a scientific explorations from Europe to Tibet and Papua New Guinea to find out more about newly discovered human specie. The one-off documentary was directed by Guy Beauché, and was penned by Émilie Partin, Fabrice Papillon. It was produced by Galaxie Presse for French Broadcaster France 5.

The other two documentaries on France tv Distribution’s Mipcom roster include “Icons of the 20th Century: An Historical Journey,” and “MBZ, The Hidden Face of the UAE.”

“Icons of the 20th Century: An Historical Journey” explores history through the lives of Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Nelson Mandela, Pablo Picasso, Marlene Dietrich and JFK, among others. The three episodes highlight the two world wars, the thirty glorious years, and also looks at the fight for equal rights and emanscipation. The documentary series was directed by Bertrand Delais, and was produced by 2P2L for French Broadcaster France 5.

“MBZ, the Hidden Face of the UAE” explores all complexities of UAE politics through the portrayal of Mohammed bin Zayed, the president of the United Arab Emirates. The documentary was directed by Miyuki Droz Aramaki, and was produced by Brainworks for French pubcaster France 5.

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