Five anti-ageing hairstyles women 50+ should have to look younger

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As a woman gets older the texture and colour of her hair changes, so every now and then, it’s a good idea to refresh your hairstyle for a more modern look. Several hairstylists have shared their favourite, “super-flattering” styles that take years off a woman over 50.

1. Asymmetrical lob with a side parting

Anyone struggling to part ways with long hair should consider an asymmetrical lob as it is a modern and trendy take on a long bob, “perfect” for making “older ladies in their prime look super chic”.

Celebrity hairstylist Gina Rivera said that “removing a bit of length from the hair [adds] movement and creates a youthful appeal”. It’s also a great way to remove any damaged ends.

In terms of styling an asymmetrical lob, one’s hair texture can create a great opportunity for movement and depth.

This hairstyle can quickly grow out and lose shape, so regular trims are in order – it’s also a good hairstyle for anyone trying to improve hair health.

In terms of the side parting, this is ideal for anyone who is thinning on top. Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist explained: “Create more volume on the top of the head by literally pushing more hair to one side of your head.”

2. Pixie cut with layers 

Princess Diana was a huge fan of a pixie cut, but the way to make it “ultra-flattering” is by adding layers.

Hairstylist and colourist Fae Norris explained the mistake women make with a pixie cut: “Women often get stuck in a hairstyle that worked in their youth but make the mistake of not updating it periodically

“Once you find a style that works with your face shape, texture, and lifestyle it makes sense to stick with it.”

So instead of changing your style, just modernise it every few years to keep it looking fresh and youthful.

As for why a pixie cut is flattering for older women, Fae said: “As we age our hair tends to thin and dull so regular trims, a fun cut, [and] maybe some fresh colour and glossing treatments, are great ways to maintain a youthful look.”

To add volume and body, including a few layers – these can also hide any thinning on top.

3. Long with curtain bangs 

For mature ladies who do wish to keep some length to their hair, consider adding layers and curtain bangs.

“Long layers are essential for creating movement, dimension, and a more voluminous look,” Gina explained.

Long layers also tend to remove any weight from the hair, and make it “lighter, ultimately creating the illusion of being fuller”.

Curtain bangs also add interest to the hairstyle and can also “rejuvenate your look [if you’re] over 50”.

No matter your hair texture, this fringe can be worn straight or curly, but “always down” to help hide any forehead wrinkles.

4. Messy bob with bangs

According to one hairstylist, one of the “most universally flattering and anti-ageing haircuts is a messy bob with bangs”.

The shape is more rectangular or square, and some versions of the cut can have more layers to add movement and “give cool young vibes”.

5. Classic bob 

The “ultimate low-maintenance style that never loses its appeal is a classy bob”. But women with longer faces should consider more framing and layers around the face, whereas rounder faces will require less.

If you want to be able to tie your hair back, consider a slightly longer bob.

Anyone worried about how to manage this style should add an undercutting, as it “creates a natural bend for easy wash and wear,” hairstylists told She Finds.

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