‘First for the crown’: Kate and William’s body language suggests ‘sharing relationship’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William started dating while studying at university. The couple married back in 2011 in a service at Westminster Abbey and they now have three royal children. What does their body language show when they are in public?

The Cambridge’s often carry out engagements together as well as separately.

The Duchess has 19 patronages meaning she is kept very busy in her role within the Royal Family.

Kate and William’s most recent outing came last month when the couple watched the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final with Prince George.

The couple traditionally travel to Balmoral Castle to spend time with the Queen during her annual summer break.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James explained how different the Cambridge’s are compared to any other royal couple.

She claimed: “No royal couple in UK history has shown such an even status balance and style of compatibility.

“Previous and current royals, including Charles and Camilla, have tended to be much more obvious in their displays of royal protocol pecking-order.”

When together in public, the couple often mirror one another in their hand signals and sitting positions.

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Judi explained that this could show signs of “like-minded thinking.”

She added: “Postural and gestural echoing behaviour like theirs is usually a sign of like-minded thinking.

“William and Kate tend to mirror one at the same time without conscious copying, suggesting similar personalities and a strong ‘team of two’ vibe.

“Their strong choreography looks natural, suggesting their approach to the throne will be equally like-minded in terms of their understanding of the job and how it needs to be done.

“Couples will often have to use tie-signs to communicate in public, using small glances or touches to announce their intention to take over a conversation or to keep track of the other partner’s thoughts and feelings, but the Cambridge’s’ seem to be in tune enough to not need this kind of silent shorthand.”

By using their mirroring techniques, Judi claimed that their relationship “will be a first for the crown”.

The expert explained: “This kind of evenly-balanced, peas-in-a-pod team-ship/sharing relationship will be a first for the crown, suggesting high levels of focus and a joint understanding of how the job should be filled.”

The Duke and Duchess have made countless public appearances together during their marriage.

During certain visits, they will often keep close to one another as well as smile and joke with one another.

When William and Kate are together, Judi explained that they use “rituals” of “compatible” smiling, with their smiles aimed at one another rather than at the public.

She went on: “While their public smiles are pitch-perfect, they lack the kind of muscle tension or muscle pulling that will often betray an inauthentic, performed smile.

“No smile that has been held for the length of time the Cambridge’s hold them can be totally genuine but, like The Queen Mother, they have both acquired the knack of the held smile that lacks the kind of rigidity that gives it away as fake.”

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