Father owes his daughter £1,400 after her GCSE results

‘It was a bit of a joke’: Father who promised his daughter £100 for every A* GCSE is stunned to discover he owes her £1,400 – after she got ‘the best results her school has EVER seen’

  • Clive Rowlands, 58, promised his daughter £100 for every A-star GCSE she got
  • Molly, 16, who attends Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda in Wales achieved 14 A*s
  • Clive shared the shock of hearing he would owe Molly £1,400 
  • Molly spent up to five hours revising every night ahead of her exams  
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A father who promised his daughter that he would reward her with £100 per A-star GCSE claimed he’d been joking after she was awarded the grade in all of her 14 subjects. 

Clive Rowlands, 58, told of his surprise after his daughter Molly Rowlands, 16, who attends Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda in Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales was awarded 14 straight A*s – including triple science, geography and computer science.

Clive said he’d promised Molly £100 per A star GCSE two years before she received her results.

Speaking about the moment he realised he owed his daughter £1,400, Clive said: ‘It was two years ago now, and it was a bit of a joke at the time – I had a bit of a shock when I heard.’

Molly who got ‘the best results the school had ever seen’ revised between four and five hours every evening in the run up to the exams. 

Molly Rowlands (pictured), 16, from Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales achieved 14 A stars in her GCSE results after her father promised to reward her with £100 per A star achieved

She revealed she wasn’t expecting to get such great results despite revising so much that it felt like she ‘never saw the sun’.

She said: ‘I worked so hard but I never thought it would actually happen. I came to school a bit late and then I opened the envelope with my friend.

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‘When I opened the results I was just in tears – I burst out crying. I spoke to one of my teachers and he said they were the best results the school has ever seen.’

Speaking about the reward promised by her father, Molly continued: ‘I was just joking around saying what are you going to give me when I pass, he said “£100 for every A star”. We were only joking.

Clive Rowlands, 58, (pictured left with Molly) claims it was just a joke when he promised his daughter £100 per A star two years before she received her results

‘It was two years ago before I started my exams’ 

Molly revealed the funds her father promised started out as a family joke that started to become a talking point.

As the days leading up to her result grew closer, she would ask: ‘How much do you think it will be?’

‘It just shows that I really didn’t know what results I would get

‘So on results day I was given a card with a blank cheque inside – it still hasn’t been written on yet.

‘It was just a joke – but a few of my dad’s friends knew about it and kept winding him up. We kept the joke going really.’

Pass rate up and boy-girl gap narrows: Key data in this year’s GCSE results

Here are the main figures from this year’s GCSE results:

  • 66.9% of entries received a C/4 grade or above, an increase of 0.6 percentage points on 2017.
  • The proportion of entries receiving the top grades (A/7 +) has risen to 20.5% , up 0.5 points on last year. 
  • Just 732 16-year-olds in England taking at least seven reformed GCSEs achieved a grade 9 in all of their 9-to-1 graded subjects.
  • The gap between girls and boys getting grade C/4 or above has narrowed since last year. 71.4% of girls got C/4 or higher, compared with 62.3% of boys, a gap of 9.1 points. Last year the gap was 9.5 points.
  • The gap between girls and boys getting grade A/7 or above has also narrowed since last year. 23.7% of girls got A/7 or higher, compared with 17.2% of boys, a gap of 6.5 points. Last year the gap was 7.3 points.
  • The most popular subject this year was science: double award with 801,080 entries. The least popular subject was manufacturing with 143 entries.
  • The overall pass rate – those entries getting G/1 or above – was 98.3%. This is down slightly on 2017.
  • In total there were 5,470,076 entries for the exams, up 12,750 on last year (a rise of 0.2%).

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