Fashion influencer Julia Engel shares her tips for finding stylish winter coats

As temperatures continue to drop, a great winter coat is essential so why not make it a stylish one?

In most cases, your coat is going to be the first layer noticed. It makes perfect sense to invest in something of quality.

If you aren’t sure where to start — don’t worry! “Good Morning America” has enlisted the help of fashion influencer Julia Engel to give a few hints on styling and coat shopping tips to help guide you this season.

Engel, who is also the founder and creative director of the Gal Meets Glam Collection, debuted her very own collection this month.

“My style’s very feminine and I wanted our customers to know why they were coming to us,” she told “GMA.”

Although Gal Meets Glam has dressier pieces, the new coat collection works just as well with a more dressed-down look to go with any outfit.

“Coats allow for new customers to join the brand because they can wear jeans and sneakers with their favorite coat,” said Engel. “So maybe somebody that’s not getting dressed up every day can be a part of the brand by trying one of our coats.”

The new line includes an array of classic styles in bright pastels, cream tones and cozy textures.

Go for something classic

“Personally, my style is very classic and I really try not to get too trendy,” Engel said. She suggests selecting a coat that has a classic silhouette that you can keep in your wardrobe’s rotation for the next 10 years.

How to revamp your look

Whether you are purchasing a new coat or looking to bring new life into a previous purchase, Engel says using a belt to accessorize is a great style go-to.

“I take one of my favorite belts, maybe like a big black leather belt, I put it over my coat, and it kind of transforms it,” she said. “It looks a little bit more tailored.”

Play with color

“Sometimes you can do a full monochromatic look, like wearing all winter white or matching a camel turtleneck, corduroy pants or another color that all are the same color as your coat,” said Engel. “I think it’s just so minimalistic and chic.”

Make sure to get something functional

Engel mentioned the importance of finding a functional coat because it’s so essential to your wardrobe.

“You change your outfit every day, but your coat you want to go with everything that you have in your wardrobe. I personally don’t know anybody that wears a different coat every single day.”

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