Ex-Playboy model who survived on noodles now earns six figures on OnlyFans

A former Playboy model has opened up about her past from surviving on "ramen pots" to earning six figures on OnlyFans.

Claudia Fijal, 32, from Poland, was once so poor she could only afford noodles for dinner but all that is in the past.

She moved to the US when she was just five years of age and dreamt of pursuing a career in modelling.

As a natural beauty, it wasn't long for Claudia to get work, flying out to New York, California and Florida with her manager Mark.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, the influencer decided to skip college in order to become a model full-time in Los Angeles.

But she soon discovered it wasn't all glitz and glam.

The model arrived in LA with nothing but $300 (£211) in her pocket and lived hand-to-mouth for months.

Claudia, who has over 654,000 Instagram followers, would crash on her friend's floor as she had enough money for food.

She said: "There were lots of times when I could only afford to buy ramen noodles or pop tarts to eat and had to choose between the two.

"I'd often go to bed hungry and sometimes a couple of friends and I would go to a big grocery store and get free food samples.

"Being in LA as a teenager with no money was terrifying but I was determined to make a success of it. My parents regularly offered to help with money but I didn't want to put that pressure on them."

Six months after moving to LA, Claudia secured her first big job working for Playboy as an atmosphere model.

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She was even there for late Hugh Hefner's wedding to Crystal back in 2012.

Claudia added: "I look back and that really was an era. I was a part of a legacy. It was exactly how you imagine it would be; champagne flowing, people swimming naked in the grotto, it was insane."

The beauty became one of the go-to models for the parties but unfortunately she still wasn't making a lot of money.

Meanwhile the Hollywood lifestyle also saw the model get into bad habits financially – spending the little extra money she had on clothes or nights out.

As a result, Claudia found herself in debt.

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She said: "Living in Hollywood is a lifestyle in itself; it's not sustainable unless you’re earning loads of money. You're constantly chasing your tail, living month-to-month.

"I got myself in debt by going out all the time to socialise with photographers and agents, as well as buying stuff I didn't need to keep up the illusion. It was exhausting."

In 2014, after meeting her husband Daniel Stevens, 34, that same year, Claudia quit her job and moved to Chicago to help him run his gym, Premier Fitness.

She began training to be a fitness instructor and started competing in bodybuilding and bikini competitions.

But when coronavirus hit in 2020, Claudia turned her attention to OnlyFans, which she originally started back in 2017.

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Things are going so well for Claudia that last year she pulled in a high six-figure salary where she bought herself a new Porsche.

Claudia has also tried to treat her parents to gifts as well, but says they always tell her to save her money for the future.

Then the beauty moved to a luxurious new home in Las Vegas in 2020.

She added: "It's bigger than anywhere I've ever lived in. It's basically a model home.

"There's nothing I want or need for. I'll always be forever grateful to OnlyFans – it's changed my life."

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