Everything You Need to Create a Cheery & Productive Home Office

Let’s be real: Working from home is kind of the dream, right? You get to work in your PJs, at your own pace (depending on how much of a ballbuster your boss is) and stop for snack breaks. The reality, though, is that you need to set up your office in a way that is conducive to being efficient and productive — or, ya know, you’ll sit around eating snacks in your PJs while binge-watching the latest week of TV on Hulu.

One part of that equation is creating an office space that is just as cheery as it is organized. And, fortunately, there are tons of home office items to help you achieve both. From the big-ticket items like desks and chairs to accents like cheeky wall art and rugs in funky patterns, we scoured the internet for the stuff happy and effective home offices are made of. Need somewhere to rest your feet? Check. How about a lamp that’ll illuminate your workspace and hold your pencils? Got that, too.

So, clear your digital shopping cart. You’re going to need the extra room for all of this home office swag we’re about to hit you with. Bonus? You’ll already be getting a headstart on the whole working-in-your-PJs flow, because every one of these products is available online.

Beyoncé Print

We all need a little reminder every now and then that world domination takes time. This Beyoncé print is just the thing you need to get your motivation back on track after a particularly tough project. 

Inspirational print, $5.10 at Etsy

Besta Burs Desk

Take it from someone who is sitting at this desk right this second — it’s fantastic. It’s large, it boasts a super-chic (and easy-to-clean) high-gloss surface and the drawers boast tons of space. Bonus? Because it’s from IKEA, it won’t break the bank.  

Besta Burs desk, $199 at IKEA

Genevieve Gorder Uzbek Emerald Rug

Having an area rug in your home office can be a major mood boster. Just think about it: Not only can you squish your toes into it but, depending on the color, it can provide a nice pop of color. We like this interesting, emerald-green-patterned version from HGTV designer Genevieve Gorder. 

Uzbek emerald rug, $251.20 (5′ x 7′) at Capel Rugs

Dash-Print Noemi Tub Chair

It’s always a good idea to have a comfy, stylish guest chair in your home office, if space allows. Clients won’t be able to avoid being impressed by how pulled together your space looks when you seat them in this super-cool Noemi tub chair. 

Dash-print Noemi tub chair, $349.99 at World Market

‘Hustle’ Wall Art

With visual encouragement like this, you should be able to fight through that mid-afternoon slump. 

‘Hustle’ wall art, $60+ at Etsy

Mini Crystal & Air Plant Gift Set

If you believe in this sort of thing, crystals can make you more productive by clearing bad energy circulating in your office and eliminating stress. Plus, this crystal and air plant combo is just plain pretty. 

Mini crystal and air plant gift set, $16.42 at Etsy

Foot Hammock

If you’re constantly fidgeting because you can’t seem to find a comfortable spot to rest your feet, you’re not working to you maximum efficiency. Get rid of that problem with this comfy foot hammock that hang right beneath your desk and offers two heights for work or “rest.” 

Canvas foot rest, $13.99 at Amazon

Reclining Office Chair

How can you go wrong with an office chair that reclines… with a built-in foot rest that pops out?! Plus, this one is ergonomic and has mesh paneling for ideal air flow. 

Hbada reclining desk chair, $199.99 at Amazon

Gumball Storage Lamp

We love it when things are just as cute as they are useful, and this Gumball storage lamp from Urban Outfitters fits the bill. In addition to its charming design, it includes a built-in cup at the base to stash stray office supplies. 

Gumball storage lamp, $49 at Urban Outfitters

Macramé Catch-All Basket

A major key to keeping your home office a productive and efficient space is making sure it’s organized. These macramé baskets help you achieve that providing stylish receptacles you can use for practically any purpose. 

Macramé catch-all basket, $24 – $49 at Urban Outfitters

Mini-Jotter Notebooks

Every home office needs notebooks for jotting down important dates, details and more. If they’re gorgeous, like these, well, that’s even better. 

Mini-Jotter notebooks for bullet-journaling, $7.99/set of 3 at Amazon

Camel Leanna Tufted Loveseat

If you have a little extra space in your office, think about investing in this camel Leanna tufted loveseat. It provides a nice perch for overflow guests and gives you a comfy spot to relax when you need a quick break. 

Camel Leanna tufted loveseat, $349.99 at World Market

Dual-Sided Desk Mat

Are you a coffee drinker? Tea, perhaps? Do yourself a favor and order a dual-sided desk mat that is waterproof. This one comes in several different colors, and it will keep your desktop looking like new for even longer. 

Dual-sided desk mat, $16.99 at Amazon

Mini-Planter Set

We’ve never met a desk succulent we didn’t like. But not only will these cute and tiny planters hold greenery, they’re also ideal for storing paperclips, thumbtacks or anything else you can think to fill ’em up with. 

Mini-planter set, $16.99 at Etsy

Motivational Prints

There’s nothing subtle about these black-and-white prints! The simple, yet bold design is impossible to miss — which makes the prints perfect for serving up serious home office inspiration. 

Motivational prints, $17.80/set of 3 at Etsy

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While there are many benefits to working from home, peace and quiet isn’t always one of them. A new set of noise-cancelling headphones will ensure you block out any distractions and get sh*t done. 

Boltune noise-cancelling headphones, $89.99 at Amazon

Flokati Chair

If you’re short on space in your home office but still want to have an extra chair handy, try this compact flokati version from World Market. It doesn’t take up as much space as a slipper chair or loveseat, and its chic styling is guaranteed to net you some compliments. 

Faux Flokati Gunnar chair, $299.99 at World Market

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