Erik Parker Navigates a "New Solitude" Across Vivid New Paintings

Brooklyn-based artist Erik Parker is presenting new paintings at Over The Influence gallery in Hong Kong. The works are a part of a presentation titled “New Solitude” that features a vivid array of acrylic on canvas works portraying Parker’s twisted reimaginings of political figures such as Bernie Sanders, contemporary icons, cartoon tanks, and idyllic beaches.

With these latest pieces, the artist continues his practice of challenging societal norms while raising awareness on heavy issues such as today’s heightened social unrest, climate change, and cultural dissension amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Altogether, Parker’s cacophony of escapist and psychedelic visuals in his new works paint a colorful yet sinister picture that evokes the uncertain times of 2020.

“What seems dire and apocalyptic in the subject’s internal structure is calmed by Seuss-like beaches reflected in his glasses intended as an escape from our raucous lives. But don’t let that small glimpse of hope fool you, Parker’s works are notorious for their sinister undertones. These places of escapism are imagined idyllic landscapes, the real ones threatened today by rising seas and exceptionally destructive storms,” said the gallery in a statement.

“New Solitude” is on view until January 9, 2021. Visit Over The Influence’s website for more information.

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Over The Influence
G/F, 159 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong
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